Solutions for the Enterprise

Deliver value with an extensible and scalable platform

The data landscape is changing at an unprecedented pace, with disruptions happening in storage, processing, and advanced analytics. Enterprises face the complex challenge of delivering value from new big data technologies that coexist with established systems and infrastructure – all while remaining competitive, increasing efficiencies and minimizing risk. Managing these changes must also be balanced with stringent security and compliance requirements, cross-departmental needs, and coordination between central IT and line-of-business IT teams.


See Pentaho in action in an interactive demo that gathers Sales information of a major phone retailer. Understand and manage inventory stocks using the order manager tool and see how a dashboard can be articulated with a Sparkl app in a simple operational analytics example. Start exploring. 


Enterprise-Class Business Analytics Solution

Pentaho’s flexible data integration and analytics platform, combined with deep experience in large and complex deployments, facilitates secure and scalable blending of all data from across the enterprise. Analytics-ready data is delivered to the people and processes that need it most, seamlessly meshing with existing IT architectures.

Accelerate time to value with complete data integration & analytics solutions that work in your environment

  • Quickly integrate and orchestrate data from any source – including data warehouses, enterprise applications, Hadoop, NoSQL, and more
  • Automatically deliver secure, blended data on demand with IT trust to ensure accuracy, compliance, and governance
  • Bridge the business and IT divide with unified solutions for ETL, business intelligence, and predictive analytics
  • Extend visual insights to any role with ad hoc analysis, data visualization, pixel-perfect reporting, and tailored dashboards
  • Connect easily with existing enterprise security and authentication frameworks such as Kerberos, Cloudera’s Sentry and Hortonworks’ Ranger

Deliver scalable analytics with maximum performance and reduced risk

  • Insulate your architecture from the shifting sands of new technologies and versions with Pentaho’s Adaptive Big Data Layer
  • Deploy Pentaho on premise or in the cloud, offering the flexibility to blend and process data across systems and organizations
  • Take full advantage of distributed computing options, running Spark and MapReduce jobs in-cluster and leverage YARN for elastic resource usage
  • Manage the data pipeline at scale with data integration server clustering, load balancing, and performance tuning
  • Achieve precise control with a full breadth of administrative tools, including detailed performance monitoring, analytics content distribution, job management, and more

Pentaho’s heritage of open standards and architecture powers innovative use cases and ensures future-proofed deployment

  • Extend the analytics experience to customers and partners by embedding Pentaho in your existing applications, portals, and processes
  • Easily customize Pentaho’s look & feel, deploy in multi-tenant environments, integrate with security hierarchies, and connect to 3rd party charts and reports
  • Create a completely tailored interactive analytics experience for end users with a powerful toolset for custom visualization
  • Empower developers to solve new challenges with a straightforward framework for creating platform plug-ins

Learn more about embedded enterprise analytics and custom visualizations.  

Deep expertise in data integration, big data, and embedded analytics to ensure enterprise success

  • High touch support, including one-on-one guidance, regular technical sessions, and a replica of your environment for expedited issue resolution
  • Service offerings for every stage in the project lifecycle, from solution visioning and architecture workshops to ongoing technical advisory and custom engagements
  • Full curriculum of on-site and virtual training courses covering all platform components
  • Design and implementations services for creating tailored interactive visualizations for your specific scenario