Embedded Analytics for the Enterprise

Analytics Everywhere for Customer, Partners and Employees

Pentaho offers an extensible platform for delivering data and analytics services where and when your key stakeholders demand them.  Highly embeddable and customizable visual analytics empower organizations to enhance the digital experience for customers, partners, and employees.  Pentaho powers “analytics everywhere” with the right balance of flexible technology and extensive deployment experience.  

Full Array of Visual Analytics on Any Data

Pentaho enables organizations to extend the right type of analytics to any user role, within or outside the organization. Comprehensive integration capabilities let enterprises share the value of data with their customers. 

  • Interactive visualization, pixel-perfect reporting, self-service dashboards, and ad hoc analysis to meet specific customer, partner, and employee needs
  • Modern, web-based interface for creating, editing, and viewing a variety of analytics content
  • Industry-leading data transformation, blending, and orchestration capabilities for Hadoop, NoSQL, relational databases, cloud applications, and much more

Platform Built for Embedding and Customization

Thanks to a heritage of open architecture and standards, Pentaho analytics are easy to infuse and embed into existing enterprise applications, portals, sites, and mobile apps. This lets organizations strategically monetize their data in new and innovative ways.  

  • Seamless ability to rebrand and customize the user interface in order to match the precise desired look and feel
  • Embed analytics into any application with REST-based APIs, 100% Java codebase, and 3rd party visualization compatibility
  • Flexible options for multi-tenant deployment, security integration, and single sign-on – to align with your existing architecture

100% Tailored Analytics User Experience

Pentaho lets organizations across industries execute on their unique analytics vision by providing a powerful toolset to create one-of-a-kind visual analytics applications.

  • Make vision a reality with full control over custom visualization, user interface layout, look and feel, web interactivity, and more
  • Extensible platform to meet evolving end user requirements for analytics consumption
  • Expert design and implementation services team to collaborate with your organization and accelerate success

Delivery of Governed and Secure Data

Pentaho’s end-to-end solutions ensure that you deliver only trusted and compliant data to properly authenticated audiences, without sacrificing timeliness or expedience.

  • Blend and enrich diverse data with full visibility into standards, formats, and data sources
  • Streamline the delivery of governed analytics-ready data sets with a robust on-demand orchestration process
  • Integrate easily with existing enterprise frameworks for security and controlled access

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