Pentaho Announces 134 Percent Annual IoT Bookings Increase

Industry Lead in Big Data Fuels Continued Customer Expansion in IoT Analytics

June 13, 2017, San Jose CA —

Pentaho, a Hitachi Group Company, today announced record 2016 bookings growth in IoT analytics of 134 percent. Pentaho customers such as BEONTRA, Caterpillar Marine Asset Intelligence, Hitachi Rail Europe (HRE) and Hyosung Corporation all demonstrate how IoT business value can be unlocked through the use of big data. Further establishing the company’s position as a leader in the IoT analytics market.

“Our Internet of Things Benchmark Research shows that the use of big data technologies is correlated with satisfaction in IoT implementations. It also shows that 44% consider machine learning important for their IoT initiatives,” said David Menninger, SVP & Research Director, Ventana Research. “As one of the first business analytics vendor to connect to big data sources—thus supporting IoT sources—Pentaho’s open, extensible platform and backing of Hitachi have them poised to help enable customers to apply machine learning and exploit emerging IoT opportunities.”

“IoT has the potential to change the competitive landscape and drive transformation that leads to new business models, but will fail to deliver value without the context of big data,” said Donna Prlich, Chief Product Office, Pentaho, a Hitachi Group Company. “Our customers were the mavericks in big data and are applying that learning to the new data world of IoT. Pentaho’s ability to support any type of data—including machine generated data, along with Hitachi’s IT and OT expertise, has Pentaho positioned to be the leader in early IoT analytic deployments and continue to keep our customers in the forefront of technology innovation.”

Pentaho Customers Unlock Value from the Internet of Things

In blending a mix of sensor data, machine generated data, and corporate operational and application data , these Pentaho customers are able to transform their business and uncover new growth opportunities:

Hyosung Corporation, Tire and Industrial Reinforcements Performance Unit
Industry: Manufacturing (Tire Cord, Steel Cord)
Use-Case: Smart Manufacturing & Preventive Maintenance  

"As a global leader in delivering key materials for guaranteeing car safety, it is of the utmost importance that we make sure our tire cords fulfill their specifications. Harnessing Pentaho for big data and IoT analytics, we’re able to better track and manage the quality of the tire cords as well as use predictive analysis to determine which defects before they are sent out. We’re also looking to build a smart factory as a result of this initiative.”

—    Kang Shin Soo, Technical Manager, Hyosung Corporation

Hitachi Rail
Industry: Travel & Transportation
Use-Case: Train-as-a-Service

Hitachi Rail's ​​pioneering “Trains-as-a-Service” concept ​is a collaboration with Hitachi Consulting and Pentaho that applies advanced IoT technology in three event horizons: real-time (monitoring, fault alerting), medium-term (predictive maintenance) and long-term (big data trend analysis). With each train carrying thousands of sensors generating huge amounts of data per day, the project’s data engineers and scientists face many challenges associated with big data and machine learning. Although the project is not yet operational, ​Pentaho is already helping to deliver productivity improvements across the business.

​​“At Hitachi Rail, digital transformation sits at the heart of all the improvements we’re making to our products and services. A key part of this is tapping into huge volumes of diverse data sources to improve our knowledge and decision-making. Pentaho enables this by streamlining and accelerating high-volume data onboarding and preparation and then providing insights through its analytics tools. For example, Pentaho ingests data generated by people-counting sensors on each train carriage, which we can then analyze to improve planning and operations. Pentaho’s future-proof, open architecture means that as the scale of our digital ambitions grow in response to customer requirements, we can continue to adapt.”

—    Doug Jacobs, Technology Project Manager, Hitachi Rail Europe

Caterpillar Marine Asset Intelligence

Industry: Manufacturing
Use-Case: Preventive Maintenance 

“Predictive maintenance analytics, combined with the industrial Internet of Things, has allowed us to harness the business opportunity attainable through big data. We use ETL very heavily now, and Pentaho is that driving force behind our ability to provide customers with deeper analysis and the ability to visualize and see things that are important but not necessarily easily viewable just with our on-board software.”

—     James Stascavage, Marine Asset Intelligence Technology Manager, Caterpillar Inc.



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