Customer Use Case

"With Pentaho, Opower launched a new revenue-generating service that provides better insight into customers’ actions and behaviors. This service is a key differentiator for us."

Soumya Mohan, Product Manager, Opower


Helping Utilities Elevate Their Customer Experience

Business Challenges

  • Utility companies were challenged with maintaining a single view of their customer marketing programs as well as the ability to drill down on certain key program attributes to make in-flight adjustments
  • In order for Opower to provide marketing analytics to their clients, it required manually running ~100 custom queries each month
  • Marketing segmentation was based on static customer profiles as information was not updated in real-time 

Pentaho Solution

  • Utility clients needed seamless self-service analytics and dashboard capabilities to interactively explore the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns that range from promoting energy efficiency to improving customer sentiment
  • Opower saw the value in monetizing the analytics they manually provided to their customers 

Value Added

  • By automating their analytics service, Opower has been able to generate additional revenue
  • Opower provides a unique service that is viewed as a competitive differentiator in the marketplace
  • Opower is able to expose detailed personalized analytics on utility customer web activity, marketing engagement, household demographics, energy savings and more
  • Data can now be consumed in an easy-to-use format for non-technical users to make better, informed decisions 

Why Pentaho

  • Easily embeddable business analytics platform
  • Integrates with their existing technology stack
  • Fast time to market


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