Customer Use Case

"Regardless of data size Pentaho helps us make prudent decisions enabling us to compete."

Michael Weiss, Senior Software Engineer, NASDAQ OMX


Using transformation processing for millions of daily transactions

Business Challenges

  • Needed a way to quickly process and transform large data sets coming from multiple sources into a format that can be used efficiently to analyze several business lines in a timely manner
  • Difficult due to the size of data

Pentaho Solution

  • Amazon Redshift/Pentaho
  • Amazon's RedShift offered the performance and price point needed with the ability to scale quickly
  • Pentaho's product suite offered a perfect blend of ETL, visuals, and extensibility that addressed NASDAQ's needs

Value Added

  • Lowering data processing time increased business transparency
  • Analytics now available to management on a T+1 basis
  • Managers can now quickly identify and understand factors impacting revenue such as changes in participant behavior

Why Pentaho

  • Abiity to scale and handle large volumes of data
  • Low total cost of ownership leading to increased revenue
  • Enterprise class platform that provides data-driven insight