Regulatory and Compliance Reporting

Regulatory and compliance rules are constantly changing and it can be challenging to implement a reliable and accurate reporting process. A data integration and analytics platform designed to help create and modify regulatory rules in a workflow will ease the complexity of managing and processing regulatory reporting.

Regulatory and Compliance Reporting Blueprint

A Single Platform to Manage Complex Regulatory and Compliance Reporting

Many companies must comply with hundreds of domestic and international governing rules. As these regulatory and compliance rules evolve and change over time, businesses must update their reporting processes to meet the new standards. In response, companies often create custom-built reporting applications, which can diminish their ability to manage future changes in regulatory and compliance rules.

Pentaho offers a single platform that allows customers to create, edit, and maintain regulatory rules in one environment.

  • Orchestrate data ingestion, data preparation, and analysis in one environment
  • Modify regulatory reporting rules without coding
  • Ensure data lineage and governance
  • Store more data at lower costs using Hadoop 

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Regulatory Made Simple

Many companies can benefit from using Pentaho for regulatory and compliance reporting.

  • As a regulatory requirements change, Pentaho enables business users to update rules without heavy customization and coding.
  • Companies doing business in more than one country have to comply with different regulatory reporting rules. Pentaho can help manage and maintain these various regulatory rules via one platform.  
  • During a regulatory audit, Pentaho enables data lineage to trace the origin of each transaction.
  • Pentaho can be embedded in an existing regulatory reporting application to modernize the data integration, rule engine, and reporting functions. Learn more about embedded analytics

Benefits of Streamling Regulatory and Compliance Reporting

What is the ROI on streamlined regulatory and compliance reporting?

  • By automating data processing and reporting rule steps, Pentaho can reduce resource and deployment efforts by 10x when regulatory reporting updates are required.
  • Pentaho’s platform simplifies the maintenance and management of the regulatory workflow.
  • Each country has different compliance requirements, with some countries requiring data be stored more than 10 years. Pentaho can streamline data ingestion and store regulatory reporting data to take advantage of lower cost storage architecture. Learn more about our Filling the Data Lake blueprint.

Regulatory and Compliance Reporting Blueprint