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Pentaho Business Analytics is a tightly coupled data integration and business analytics platform that brings together IT and business users to easily access, integrate, visualize and explore any data to positively impact business results. Pentaho Business Analytics includes data discovery, data integration and data mining capabilities. With Pentaho, business users are empowered to make information-driven decisions that positively impact their organization’s performance. And IT can rapidly deliver a secure, scalable, flexible, and easy to manage business analytics platform that users love.

Pentaho Business Analytics for Business Analysts provides a hands-on overview of Pentaho for Business Analytics for business analysts, consultants and those with some business intelligence experience. Through a mixture of interactive, instructor-led activities and self-paced exercises, students learn the key components of the Pentaho Business Analytics suite, including: Pentaho Analyzer, Pentaho Interactive Reporting, Pentaho Dashboard Designer and Pentaho Report Designer. This course helps prepare you for the Pentaho Solution Consultant Exam.

Note: SLN4000 does not cover Pentaho Data Integration. For more information on Pentaho Data Integration, see course PDI2000: Pentaho Data Integration I.

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Course Placement

This course is the first course in the Content Creator learning path. It replaces course SLN5000 – Pentaho Business Analytics Bootcamp.

Id: SLN4000
Level: Introductory
Audience: Business Analyst, Solution Developer, Administrator
Delivery Method: Instructor-led online, Private on-site, Public classroom
Duration: 3 Day(s)
Cost: $1,950.00 USD
Credits: 3
Category: Solutions

Course Availability

No upcoming classes available at this time

Course Benefits

  • Improve productivity by giving your Business Intelligence team the skills they need to succeed with Pentaho Business Analytics
  • Speed time-to-market and reduce project failure rates by providing your report designers and content developers with the ability to quickly create compelling reports and dashboards using the Pentaho suite
  • Reduce your project costs and secure a return on your investment by providing your content creators with reporting best practices and techniques for minimizing maintenance and increasing the speed of content creation
  • Interactive, hands-on training materials significantly improve skill development and maximize retention

Skills Achieved

At the completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe the key features of Pentaho Interactive Reporting, Pentaho Analyzer, Pentaho Report Designer and Pentaho Dashboard Designer
  • Create basic reports using Pentaho Interactive Reporting
  • Create analytic reports using Pentaho Analyzer
  • Create complex reports using Pentaho Report Designer
  • Define data sources for reporting
  • Create dashboards and add reporting content using Pentaho Dashboard Designer
  • Use Pentaho Metadata Editor to build metadata models and domains that allow you to create business-language definitions for complex database tables, set security parameters on report data, and control data formatting
  • Schedule reports using public and private schedules.

Some basic knowledge of desktop operating systems such as Microsoft Windows or Ubuntu Linux is required. Some knowledge of database design and dimensional modeling is preferred.

Students attending classroom courses in the United States are provided with a PC to use during class. Students attending courses outside the US should contact the Authorized Training Provider regarding PC requirements for Pentaho courses.

In general, if your training provider requires you to bring a PC to class, it must meet the following requirements. You can also verify your system against the Compatibility Matrix: List of Supported Products topic in the Pentaho InfoCenter:

  • Windows XP, 7 desktop operating system (for Macintosh support, please contact your Customer Success Manager)
  • RAM: at least 4GB
  • Hard drive space: at least 2GB for the software, and more for solution and content files
  • Processor: dual-core AMD64 or Intel EM64T
  • DVD drive

Online courses require a broadband Internet connection, the use of a modern Web browser (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox), and the ability to connect to the WebEx Training Center. For more information on WebEx Training Center requirements, see Online courses use Pentaho’s cloud-based exercise environment. Students are provided access to a virtual machine used to complete the exercises.

For online courses, students are provided with a secured, electronic course manual. Printed manuals are not provided for online courses. When an electronic manual is provided, students are encouraged to print the exercise book before class begins, though this is not required.

Students attending this course on-site should contact their Customer Success Manager for hardware and software requirements. You can also email us at for more information regarding on-site training requirements.

Day 1

Module 1: Overview of the Pentaho Business Analytics Toolset

Lesson 1 – About Pentaho

Exercise 1 – Configuring the Pentaho Exercise Environment

Lesson 2 – Overview of the Training Data

Lesson 3 – Introduction to Pentaho Tools

Module 2: Creating Reports with Pentaho Interactive Reporting

Lesson 1 – Creating a Basic Pentaho Interactive Reporting Report

Exercise 1 – Create a Basic Report Using Pentaho Interactive Reporting

Challenge Exercise – Pentaho Interactive Reporting Business Scenario

Module 3: Creating a Pentaho Dashboard

Lesson 1 – Creating a New Dashboard

Exercise 1 – Create a New Pentaho Dashboard

Challenge Exercise – Pentaho Dashboard Designer Business Scenario

Lesson 2 – Creating Content within a Dashboard

Exercise 2 – Create a Table and Chart in a Dashboard

Lesson 3 – Creating a Dashboard with Content Linking

Day 2

Module 4: Creating Reports with Pentaho Analyzer

Lesson 1 – Creating a Pentaho Analyzer Report

Exercise 1 – Create a Report Using Pentaho Analyzer

Challenge Exercise 1 – Pentaho Analyzer Business Scenario

Lesson 2 – Creating a Pentaho Interactive Visualization

Exercise 2 – Create a Pentaho Interactive Visualization

Module 5: Creating Reports with Pentaho Report Designer, Part 1

Lesson 1 – Navigating Pentaho Report Designer

Lesson 2 – Connecting to a Data Source and Writing a Query

Exercise 1 – Connect to the Data Source and Write the Query

Lesson 3 – Adding Data Elements and Creating Report Groups

Exercise 2 – Add Data Elements and Create Report Groups

Lesson 4 – Creating Totals

Exercise 3 – Create Group and Report T

Lesson 5 – Creating the Report Header and Footer

Lesson 6 – Formatting the Report

Lesson 7 – Applying Conditional Formatting

Lesson 8 – Publishing the Report

Exercise 4 – Create the Report Header and Footer, Format the Report, and Publish the Report

Day 3

Module 6: Creating Reports with Pentaho Report Designer, Part 2

Lesson 1 – Adding Report Parameters

Lesson 2 – Creating Hyperlinks

Exercise 1 – Add a Parameter and Hyperlink

Lesson 3 – Creating Charts and Sub-reports

Exercise 2 – Create a Report with a Chart and Sub-report

Lesson 4 – Viewing Sample Reports

Lesson 5 – Using the Report Wizard

Module 7: Working with Data Sources in Pentaho

Lesson 1 – Creating a Data Source from a CSV File

Exercise 1 – Creating a Report Using the CSV Data Source

Lesson 2: Using Pentaho Metadata Editor

Lesson 3: Metadata Concepts

Module 8: Generating and Scheduling Reports

Lesson 1 – Report Scheduling