C-Tools Training

Training Course

CTools Training will prepare you to face the development of dashboards with intricate User Interface Design specs.

What are the CTools?

The Ctools are a set of Open Source Pentaho plugins. Specifically designed to extend your dashboard customization options on top of Pentaho.

The CTools are developed by Webdetails, one of the most renowned Pentaho partners and contributors in the world.

CTools Purpose

The CTools are the product of the market demand for highly customized Pentaho dashboards.

If you need to develop dashboards that look as a standalone web app, with rigorous Brand Identity prerogatives and refined User Experience then your answer lies in mastering the CTools.

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Course Placement

Students must take Pentaho Suite courses (in particular Pentaho Server, PUC) prior to taking this course.  

Id: SLN800
Level: Advanced
Audience: Solution Developer
Delivery Method: Public classroom
Duration: 3 Day(s)
Cost: $2,600.00 USD
Credits: 4
Category: Solutions

Course Availability

No upcoming classes available at this time

Course Benefits

CTools Training Sessions are held by Pedro Alves himself or by a member directly involved in the team responsible for developing the CTools.

After attending a CTools Training Session, you will be able to build a customized sample Dashboard. From there you will be able to adapt to your own scenario or provide continuity to a CTools Dashboard project.


  • Pentaho Suite (In particular Pentaho server, PUC).


  • SQL and databases.
  • Olap/MDX.
  • Web development: JavaScript, HTML, CSS...

Is a plus

  • Experience with other BI Tools.


  • Pentaho Suite (In particular Pentaho server, PUC).

Day 1

The Basics

  • BI platform
  • Architecture overview
  • The need for CTools

CDF (Introduction)

  • Community Dashboard Framework.

Day 2

CDE (Introduction)

  • Community Dashboards Editor.


  • Community Data Access the bridge between data and dashboards.

Day 3


  • Layout.
  • Data Sources.
  • Components.
  • Community Charts.


  • Community Charts Components.
  • Custom components.

Day 4


  • Life cycle and components behavior.


  • Community Startup Tabs.


  • Community Distributed Cache.


  • Community Data Browser.


  • Community Data Generator.


Community Data Validation.