Streamline Operations to Retain Customers and Drive Revenue

Retailers are challenged to manage their channels, departments, stores, merchandise, supply chain, and customer relationships while continuing to drive revenue.  Pentaho helps leading retailers gain greater visibility into their customers, product sales, and suppliers to improve their financial performance and maximize profits. 

Interactive Retail Demo

See Pentaho in action in an interactive demo that tracks the evolution of an online apparel retailer and correlate website activity metrics with actual sales. Start exploring. 

Pentaho Retail Dashboard

Manage operations, marketing, merchandising, supply chain, & finance - in one solution 

  • Build an intelligent supply chain that responds to production and demand signals
  • Segment markets and understand customer buying behaviors
  • Implement market-driven pricing and promotion strategies
  • Closely watch operations, monitor controllable costs and capital spend
  • Ensure consistency between field execution and corporate strategy

Optimize merchandise levels and easily manage and adjust inventory levels

  • Balance supply and demand to meet customer needs
  • Improve inventory turnover and reduce markdowns
  • Minimize out-of-stock categories and align merchandize levels to sales targets

Identify best product placements and promotional mixes with real-time visibility into customer point of sales and website patterns

  • Understand sales patterns and product line performance
  • Create promotional campaigns that are aligned with customer buying behaviors and seasonal trends
  • Improve relationship with consumers through sentiment analysis
  • Design profitable up-sell and cross-sell offers by analyzing the success of past offers

Manage store operations with corporate performance to ensure that individual store plans are in-line with corporate targets

  • Monitor key sales and cost metrics to ensure store profitability
  • Compare sales and labor expense to plans to ensure expense control 
  • Identify and address under-performing stores, channels, and employees