Improve your manufacturing operation with the power of data

By connecting devices, assets, and employees all together, leading manufacturing companies overcome the challenges of process inefficiencies and information siloes.

With Pentaho, you can build and manage your entire data pipeline in one seamless platform to build higher quality products, minimize production downtime, and extend production infrastructure longevity.

Improve Product Quality

As competition continues to rise, consumers are now demanding higher quality products without price increases. When labor costs are steadily rising, how does a manufacturer increase product quality while reducing production cost?

By enriching sensor data with other relevant data – such as transactional data from your ERP system - organizations can identify impending product quality problems. PDI helped our customer, Hyosung – a leading tire material manufacturer, deliver uniform product and meet strict safety regulations in every unit, with real-time data streaming and data processing with analytics.

Maximize Production

The burden of managing the immense amount of historical data and real-time data will overwhelm the most technologically sophisticated manufacturer. How does an organization parse out vast amounts of data to determine actionable steps?

Identifying valuable data along with methods of storing, blending, and extracting insights determines an optimized production system. STIWA, one of the leading technology companies focused on complex and automated production, achieved a 30% reduction in production time with PDI.

Extend Useful Life of Assets

One of the most expensive problems manufacturers face is disrupting product production for asset maintenance and repair. What if organizations could confidently plan for updates and replacements, keeping the production flow in tact? Learn more here.

The Technology

Whether it’s maximizing production on the factory floor or drawing product insights from service repair calls, manufacturers benefit from a streamlined technological ecosystem. Here is what we bring to simplify and optimize your utilization of data:

  • Data Integration: In between collecting data and running analysis, data must be blended and enriched to draw valid insights from. Pentaho Data Integration enables manufacturers to validate and cleanse data from numerous sources. In addition, users have the option of stream or batch processing to optimize data access, and consequently, tailor the rules engine to meet specific requirements.
  • Analytics: Following rigorous data collection and efficacious data processing, business analytics users infer and determine actionable steps, driving tangible business outcomes. In manufacturing circumstances, PDI is often leveraged for its capabilities in machine learning, reporting and alerting, and workflow integration.