Improve quality of care and streamline operations

With rising costs, population growth and ever-changing regulatory demands, healthcare providers require an analytics solution that is flexible enough to integrate clinical, patient, financial and operational systems - all while providing easy-to-use analytics for analysts and non-technical users, such as doctors and nurses.

Interactive Healthcare Demo

See the Pentaho platform in action through an interactive healthcare application where analysts and researchers can both view high-level health trends by country and select their own custom data sets for drill-down analysis and visualization. Take a tour of the BioMe Demo.

BioMe Dashboard

Easy to Use Analytics and Data Integration for Any Data, Any Source

By tightly coupling powerful data integration with self-service data discovery, Pentaho helps today’s leading healthcare providers improve quality of patient care, reduce costs, streamline operations and ensure regulatory compliance.  

Access any data including big and unstructured data sets for deeper patient insight 

  • Get a “single-view” of patients with immediate access to all records meeting “meaningful use” criteria
  • Monitor and manage growing data for HIPAA compliance
  • Easily integrate unstructured clinical notes into patient data for a complete view of health history, treatments and prescriptions
  • Rapid, visual access to big data allowing for quick, research-based decisions

Learn more about how data is used to improve patient care in the Single View of Patient Blueprint.

Reduce operational costs and improve utilization of resources with data discovery tools and self-service analytics

  • Improve patient flow and efficiency of admissions and discharges
  • Reduce staffing costs by matching staff schedules to patient census
  • Allow members to check the status of their claims online
  • Easy access to medical records and patient information
  • Align material replenishment with actual usage
  • Improve utilization of facilities, testing rooms and equipment

Manage budget, complex billing and regulatory requirements with an integrated view of your organization

  • Create an organization-wide view of spending and cash flow
  • Monitor key metrics that provide insight into risk measurement and fraudulent behavior
  • Track actual vs. budget by department, physician and procedure
  • Ensure timely reimbursements from patients and insurance agencies
  • Track clinical and operational metrics for performance-based funding
  • Comply with HIPAA by using HL7 standards for information exchange