Hadoop Solutions

Hadoop data integration presents IT organizations with challenges, including acquiring new technology skillsets, finding the right developers, and effectively linking Hadoop with existing operational systems and data warehouses.  

Pentaho’s intuitive and powerful platform is built to tackle these challenges head-on, but delivering accelerated productivity and time to value is just the beginning.  Pentaho helps teams manage complex data transformations and enables them to operationalize Hadoop and Spark as part of an end-to-end data pipeline, ensuring the delivery of governed analytics. 

Easy and Powerful Hadoop Data Integration that Puts You in Control

The big data integration vendor landscape is fragmented.  Legacy tools try to insulate users from Hadoop without providing the control and performance needed for complete implementations.  Code generation approaches have high barriers to entry with tooling that often falls back on manual programming. Whether you are a solution architect, data analyst, or Hadoop admin, Pentaho delivers the right combination of agility and power to make you successful.

  • Intuitive visual interface to integrate and blend Hadoop data with virtually any other source – including relational databases, NoSQL stores, enterprise applications, and more
  • Ability to design data integration logic 15 times faster than hand-coding approaches
  • Native integration with Spark that executes complex transformation and blending logic in-cluster, while scaling linearly with Hadoop 
  • Deep integration with the Hadoop ecosystem including Spark and compatibility with Kafka, YARN, Oozie, Sqoop, and more  
  • Automation to rapidly accelerate the ingestion and onboarding of hundreds or thousands of diverse and changing data sources into Hadoop
  • Support for leading Hadoop distributions, including Cloudera, Hortonworks, Amazon EMR, and MapR, with maximum portability of jobs and transformations between Hadoop platforms

Hadoop Solutions

On-Demand Big Data Analytics, Ready for Production

The first promise of Hadoop is data infrastructure savings and performance improvements.  The bigger benefit comes in the form of insights that drive revolutionary customer experiences and real revenue growth.  These are only possible with mastery of the end-to-end process that translates raw data to analytic insight.  Pentaho partners with enterprises to manage this big data pipeline, driving better business outcomes.  

  • Solution approach to deliver on-demand data sets from Hadoop, including governed self-service analytics for large production user bases 
  • Full array of visualizations, reports, and ad hoc analysis, including connectivity to Hive, Impala, and analytic databases such as Vertica and Redshift
  • Analytics that can be seamlessly embedded into crucial business applications to drive data monetization with customers and partners 
  • Ability to incorporate predictive models from R, Python, MLlib and Weka into the data flow, driving actionable results while minimizing the data prep burden 
  • Enterprise-level security for Cloudera and Hortonworks Hadoop clusters, with support for Kerberos, Sentry and Ranger

Architecture Example:

Hadoop Big Data Architecture

An Expert Partner with Proven Hadoop Implementations 

Technology only gets you so far.  People, experience, and best practices are the most important drivers for project success with Hadoop.  Pentaho has been partnering directly with customers for over 5 years to deliver outsized ROI from big data, which has led to an unparalleled level of customer success and in-house expertise in Hadoop data integration and analytics.  

  • Big Data Blueprint design patterns that have allowed customers to optimize infrastructure, refine Hadoop data for self-service analytics, create a complete view of customers, and monetize analytics as a service 
  • Successful big data projects across verticals, including fraud detection in financial services with FINRA, infrastructure optimization in hardware with NetApp, and cyber security data integration with BT
  • Enterprise-grade compatibility with Hadoop security frameworks, including Kerberos for secure multi-user authentication and Cloudera Sentry for controlled access to data assets
  • A dedicated team of Hadoop services experts with offerings for every phase of the implementation lifecycle, including big data training workshops, technical account management, solution delivery, and engineering services

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