Financial Services

Know Your Customer: A 360-degree View Into Customers, Operations and Risks

With an overwhelming list of regulatory requirements and an ever increasing amount and variety of customer data — it is no surprise that the world's largest financial institutions are looking to Pentaho to help deliver 360-degree insight.

Automate Your Data

Read about Financial Services industry successes in data automation using Pentaho.

Any User, Use Case or Data Type

Our unified platform of data integration and analytics provides the flexibilty, extensibility and scalability to meet the needs of both IT and business users, supporting the broadest set of roles, use case requirements and data types.

Identify Growth, Attract and Retain Customers

  • Leverage customer data to discover new cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.
  • Target high value clients with personalized promotions and custom recommendations. 

Optimize Operations

  • Streamline analytical processes and eliminate the need for manual steps, specialized resources and overall complexity. 
  • Enhance risk management systems with broader and deeper data analysis and reporting - delivered through seamless big data integration.
  • Improve the stability of ATM networks with an easy to use reporting and analytics layer that can handle massive amounts of network and log data.

Mitigate Risk, Detect Fraud and Ensure Compliance

  • Ensure regulatory compliance and quickly detect fraud to prevent abuse and curb money laundering. 
  • Analyze the behavior of sophisticated market risk models, explore complex financial instruments, and identify predictions for future investments.
  • Manage mortgage portfolio valuations by quickly and accurately identifying which loans are at risk of prepayment or default.