Solution Architect Exam

The 90 minute, 60 question closed-book proctored exam validates that the candidate has the knowledge, skills and abilities to architect Pentaho solutions including big data.

How to Prepare for Certification

Before taking the exam, make sure to:

  1. Read the Certification FAQ
  2. Review instructions for the onsite exam
  3. Review instructions for the online exam
  4. Register for the exam 

We recommend 6 months of experience implementing Pentaho in production and completing the following training courses before taking the exam: BA1000, BA2000, BA3000, CT1000, DI1000, DI2000, SA1000, SA2000.

This test covers:

  • Knowledge of how high availability is supported for the DI server
  • Knowledge of how high availability is supported for the BA server
  • How to manage Pentaho artifacts
  • Knowledge of big data solution architectures
  • How to integrate user security with other enterprise systems
  • Knowledge of how to extend BA server content security
  • How to secure data
  • Knowledge of Pentaho’s support for multi-tenancy
  • Using Kerberos with Pentaho
Embedding and Extending
  • Knowledge of how to customize the Pentaho User Console (PUC)
  • Knowledge of Pentaho REST APIs
  • How to extend PDI or BA server
  • Knowledge of extending Analyzer functionality
  • Methods used for embedding BA server reports
Data Architecture
  • How to design data models for reporting
  • Pentaho support for predictive analytics
  • Knowledge of how to design a Streamlined Data Refinery (SDR) solution for a client
  • How to manage data within Hadoop using Pentaho
  • The appropriate reporting tools used to satisfy design requirements
  • Knowledge of the process of extending PRD
  • How to achieve localization
  • The process of report performance tuning
  • Describing auditing in Pentaho
  • Describing monitoring in Pentaho

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