ETL Data Integration Exam

The 90 minute, 60 question closed-book proctored exam validates that the candidate has the knowledge, skills and abilities to implement and support Pentaho Data Integration solutions.

How to Prepare for Certification

Before taking the exam, make sure to:

  1. Read the Certification FAQ
  2. Review instructions for the onsite exam
  3. Review instructions for the online exam
  4. Register for the exam 

We recommend 6 months of experience implementing Pentaho in production and completing the following training courses before taking the exam: DI1000, DI2000.

This test covers:

  • Knowledge of Data Integration Server installation
  • How to manage the repository
Solution Design
  • Describing the Data Integration Server components
  • How data flows between transformation steps
  • Methods for how to execute jobs or transformations
  • Usage of metadata injection
Database Connectivity
  • Knowledge of how to manage data connections in PDI
PDI Development
  • Knowledge of the PDI steps used to create an ETL job
  • Describing the PDI steps to create an ETL transformation
  • Describing the use of property files
Big Data
  • Identifying key aspects of working with data and Hadoop
  • Describing how to create big data jobs or transformations
  • How to configure Pentaho to integrate with Hadoop
Error Handling and Logging
  • Describing error handling concepts in PDI
  • Demonstrating knowledge of logging concepts
Performance Tuning
  • How to monitor the performance of a job or a transformation

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