Envision and Architect Your Analytics Solution With Best Practices and Expertise

Pentaho’s experts have successfully designed and deployed game-changing analytics solutions at hundreds of organizations in the last seven years. Our workshops extend the cumulative knowledge we have gained through all of these engagements to make your project successful. Learn from our leading experts how to identify the most credible use cases, create an architecture blueprint and create a realization roadmap.

Types of Workshops Offered

Our scoping workshops are designed to help managers and practitioners define their project scope by understanding business requirements. We also provide hands-on workshops for technical roles who are looking to test drive our big data architecture implementation and deployment blueprints. For customers, we provide onboarding workshops that help get them started with their implementation.

Choose Your Workshop

To learn more, select any of the following workshops listed below. For questions or to sign-up for any of the workshops, contact a Pentaho expert.

Workshop Type Duration Description
Use Case Development Scoping 5 Days/3 Days (onsite) Identify use cases with a clear ROI for your data and analytics solutions along with a next step plan.
Early Success Program (ESP)/Success Scoping Scoping 1 Day Learn the best approach and methodology for a documented use case, skilled resource needs and key processes.
Big Data Test Drive Hands-on 6 hours/1 Day (onsite) Identify the right solution for your needs by test driving Pentaho in a controlled environment with experts.
Big Data Solutions Architecture Onboarding 5 Days/4 Days (onsite) Design your big data solution using an architecture and Pentaho implementation blueprint.
Solutions Architecture Onboarding 5 Days/4 Days (onsite) Create an architecture and implementation blueprint to realize a traditional data solution.