Custom Visualizations & UI Design

Easily and cost-effectively extend the value of Pentaho

Pentaho provides the imagination, expertise, tools and services to create stunning custom visualizations and UI designs to make your analytics vision into reality.  With a dedicated team to work closely with you, we will deliver highly tailored and stylized reports and dashboards that will showcase your metrics they way YOU want them.

Analytics that deliver insights the matter most

  • Visual development and UI expertise for all key data sources, including big data.
  • Completely flexible and customizable visualizations.
  • Suite of open source plug-ins (CTools) for Pentaho Business Analytics.
  • The momentum, backing and power of the Pentaho Community.

Bring the "art of the possible" to life

Webdetails, a Pentaho Company, delivers tailor-made Business Analytics solutions and services for the Pentaho Platform. Visit Webdetails to find out more about custom dashboard solutions.