Concierge Services

VIP services where we do the heavy-lifting

For clients with complex big data, business analytics or embedded analytics initiatives, Concierge delivers our highest level of service.

Concierge Support

Concierge Support delivers individually tailored support to meet the demands of large enterprises or organizations with complex embedded analytics requirements. A designated Pentaho solution architect provides a personalized level of support to ensure a deep understanding of the client environment and consistent service across global locations or multiple business units. Concierge Support is available as a one year subscription.

Concierge with Strategic Solution Architecture 

This offering extends Concierge Support to help you define your project strategy and on-going roadmap. The assigned solution architect provides an architecture assessment, develops a customized project plan, and assists in executing your plan. The service is available as a three month, six month or one year subscription.

Service Deliverables Concierge Support Concierge with Strategic Solution Architecture
A single technical Pentaho point of contact for every account
Ongoing technical communication
One-on-one guidance, mentoring and best practice discussions
Management of feature requests and support cases
Expedited resolution through full understanding of client’s environment
Invitation to exclusive Pentaho customer events
Scheduled technical sessions with subject matter experts in Pentaho services and engineering
An internal VM replicating customer’s business analytics environment to expedite problem resolution
An architecture assessment of the project  
A customized action plan  
Management and execution of the action plan to meet project goals  
Weekly designated service time for guidance, implementation advice, research and Q&A  
Development of samples and how-to guides  
Help in aligning Pentaho products and services with client roadmaps  
Invitations to semi-annual virtual meetings with Pentaho product management leaders