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Three Critical Business Metrics ISVs Need to Succeed

Type: Webinar

Product: Business Analytics, Embedded Analytics

This embedded analytics webinar focuses on the three most important business metrics that software/SaaS vendors need to succeed. Learn how organizations have been able to control costs by using best in class analytics technology solutions.

Soliditet Adopts Pentaho for a Smooth IT Migration and 50% Faster Time-to-Market

Type: Case Study

Product: Data Integration, Big Data Analytics

Industry: Finance & Insurance, Services

"We decided a year ago to upgrade to PDI from Kettle so we could take advantage of the excellent team functions in PDI’s enterprise repository including version control and access rights. We also wanted access to the highest level of support and collaboration with Pentaho’s ...

Optimizing the Data Warehouse

Type: Whitepaper

Product: Business Analytics, Data Integration, Big Data Analytics

Industry: Gaming, Technology & Telecom, Web

Reporting, Visualization & Predictive Analytics on Big Data

Type: Webinar

Product: Data Integration, Big Data Analytics

Learn how to deliver data for everything, from state-of-the-art reporting and visualization to predictive analytics.

CITO Buyer's Guide to Big Data Integration

Type: Analyst Research

Product: Data Integration, Big Data Analytics

The Buyer’s Guide describes why big data integration is important and what to look for in selecting a solution.

Easing the Pain of Hadoop

Type: Video

Product: Data Integration, Big Data Analytics

Learn about advances in computer hardware and how Hadoop, MapReduce and in-database analytics can help you analyze large volumes of data efficiently and how to optimize Hadoop while improving performance and increasing time to value.

TDWI Best Practices Report: Managing Big Data

Type: Whitepaper

Product: Big Data Analytics

Download this report to learn more about the many options that are available for big data management, including old, new, and upcoming technologies based on TDWI research plus survey responses from 690 data management professionals across 17 industries. The report brings you up to date so you ...

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What's New in Pentaho Business Analytics 5.0

Type: Webinar

Product: Business Analytics, Data Integration, Big Data Analytics, Embedded Analytics, Mobile BI

Pentaho Business Analytics 5.0 delivers simplified analysis for everyone in big data-driven businesses regardless of data, context or analytics.

Architected Blended Big Data with Pentaho

Type: Whitepaper

Product: Data Integration, Big Data Analytics

This solution brief explains the need of governed and validated data blends across all types of data sources to effectively deliver the value companies are looking for from their big data investments.
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Pentaho Blended Customer Experience Analytics

Type: Video

Product: Embedded Analytics

See how blending big data at the source enables the future of customer experience analytics.