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CITO Buyer's Guide to Data Analytics and Visualization

Type: Analyst Research

Product: Data Integration, Big Data Analytics

The Buyer’s Guide to Data Analysis and Visualization speaks to what is needed from big data analytics, explains how essential data integration is to a successful big data approach, and describes the ideal setup for big data visualization.

10 Years Chicago Crime Thumbnail

Analysis of 10 Years of Chicago Crime with Pentaho, Cloudera Search, and Impala

Type: Video

Product: Data Integration, Big Data Analytics

Industry: Government - Fed & Local

Watch James Dixon, Pentaho's CTO and Co-Founder showcase the power of Pentaho's solution to enable two key technologies from Cloudera: Cloudera Search and Impala. The original data set provided by the City of Chicago was loaded into a Cloudera Hadoop cluster using Pentaho’s data integration ...

TDWI Big Data Maturity Model Guide: Interpreting Your Assessment Score

Type: Whitepaper

Product: Big Data Analytics

This TDWI Benchmark Guide helps understand scores on the Big Data Maturity Model Assessment, which is used to evaluate an organization's big data adoption maturity stage.

30 for 30: Quick-Start Your Pentaho Evaluation

Type: Webinar

Product: Business Analytics

The 30 for 30 webinar is tailored towards people that have downloaded the Pentaho evaluation and want to know more about all the data integration and business analytics components part of the trial, how to easily integrate data, and best practices for installing/developing ...

Pentaho and MongoDB Partner to Solve Government Big Data Challenges

Type: Webinar

Product: Data Integration, Big Data Analytics

Industry: Government - Fed & Local

This webinar focuses on how the integration between Pentaho Business Analytics 5.0 and MongoDB addresses federal government agencies' needs for a fast and easy way to harness and gain insight from their big data sources.

Powerful, Easy to Use Reporting and Analytics for MongoDB

Type: Data Sheet

Product: Big Data Analytics

Pentaho Business Analytics and MongoDB together provide a powerful, interactive analytical solution that meets the increasing requirements for big data businesses today.

Pentaho erhöht Datenqualität und bringt Transparenz in den Eigenheimmarkt der Schweiz

Type: Case Study

Product: Business Analytics, Data Integration

Industry: Finance & Insurance Services Technology & Telecom

“Pentaho Data Integration not only simplifies the data delivery process but also enables us to gather the high-quality data which is vital for the project. We were very pleased with how Pentaho’s partner basis06 handled the technical implementation. Ultimately Pentaho and basis06 enabled ...

Pentaho gives award winning start- up, HouseTrip, insights to become Europe’s largest holiday rental website

Type: Case Study

Product: Business Analytics, Data Integration, Big Data Analytics

Industry: Services Travel & Logistics Web

“We have a lot of questions that only Pentaho can help us to answer. The insights that Pentaho has provided have been really crucial to help us grow the company.”

INFORM setzt bei GroundStar Business Intelligence auf Pentaho

Type: Case Study

Product: Business Analytics, Data Integration, Embedded Analytics

Industry: Services Technology & Telecom

"Embedding Pentaho into GS BIS has given us promised and unexpected benefits. It’s helping our own customers achieve service levels by enabling them to optimize resources and staff in real time. At the same time, new data visualizations enable us to sell more software by giving us the ...

Operationalizing the Buzz: Big Data 2013

Type: Analyst Research

Product: Big Data Analytics

Industry: Education & Nonprofit Energy & Utilities Finance & Insurance Government - Fed & Local Healthcare Marketing Media & Entertainment Retail & Manufacturing Services Technology & Telecom Travel & Logistics

The 2013 EMA/9sight Big Data research explores how companies are utilizing Big Data and dives into the Big Data project initiatives of respondents focusing on multiple characteristics within each.