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Pentaho Data Integration with Greenplum Loader

Type: Case Study

Product: Business Analytics, Data Integration, Big Data Analytics

Industry: Technology & Telecom, Web

“EMC has worked with Pentaho, and its data integration tool for several years. We continually find new ways to leverage our own EMC tools with Pentaho Data Integration to scale out our data ecosystem, both in terms of complexity of data sources and vast sums of data. In turn, EMC is ...

GrayMatter Delivers Insurance Analytics solution, IA+ in 8-weeks for AIA Bhd. Malaysia

Type: Case Study

Product: Business Analytics, Data Integration, Pentaho Services

Industry: Finance & Insurance, Web

"The GrayMatter team’s deep insurance domain knowledge coupled with business intelligence expertise and collaborative working approach with AIA team was key to Go-Live in 8 weeks. Pentaho’s unified platform of data integration & analytics provided the flexibility, extensibility and ...

Big Data Analytics in Large Scale Carrier Wi-Fi Deployments

Type: Case Study

Product: Business Analytics, Data Integration, Big Data Analytics, Embedded Analytics, Mobile BI

Industry: Technology & Telecom, Web

Ruckus SmartCell Insight Leverages Big Data Technology and Techniques to Enable Operators to Extract Maximum Value From the Data Generated by Their Wi-Fi Networks

Big Data Blueprint: Monetize My Data

Type: Webinar

Product: Big Data Analytics

Watch this webinar and learn how to combine machine, location, and activity data and deliver it as new data services to different audiences.

Big Data Blueprint: Customer 360-Degree View

Type: Webinar

Product: Big Data Analytics

By blending diverse data sources at scale and delivering analytics in context to customer-facing teams, organizations can optimize front-line decisions to drive revenue and reduce costs. Learn how an on-demand analytical view across emerging and traditional data sources can create powerful ...

Big Data Blueprint: Streamlined Data Refinery

Type: Webinar

Product: Big Data Analytics

Learn how bringing together massive quantities of multi-source data to unlock new business opportunities is possible through combining Hadoop as a scalable processing hub and an analytical database, such as HP Vertica, for high performance analytics. This emerging architecture enables the faster ...

Big Data Blueprint: Data Warehouse Optimization

Type: Webinar

Product: Big Data Analytics

You may already be considering Hadoop to offload your data warehouse, but bringing it into your architecture is easier said than done. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about to leverage Hadoop to relieve strain on the data warehouse, meet SLAs faster, and reduce data management costs.
Data Integration Pipeline Thumbnail

Data Integration Pipeline Overview

Type: Video

Product: Data Integration

Learn how it’s possible to streamline the delivery of information and establish a future-proofed data supply chain by creating a data integration pipeline that easily blends diverse data sources for complete business insight.

Pentaho and HP Vertica Analytics Platform

Type: Data Sheet

Product: Data Integration, Big Data Analytics

With the Pentaho platform, large volumes and varieties of data can be ingested into Hadoop, transformed, refined and immediately pushed into HP Vertica. Business users and analysts are then offered a full spectrum of analytics including interactive data visualization, reporting, dashboards and ...

Powerful and Scalable Embedded Analytics for Manufacturing

Type: Case Study

Product: Business Analytics, Data Integration, Embedded Analytics, Pentaho Services

Industry: Services, Technology & Telecom

"With Pentaho, we can display real-time data in powerful, easy-to-use dashboards and even optimize it for mobile, which helps our members make informed decisions that affect their business performance."