Architected Big Data Blending

Type: Whitepaper

Product: Data Integration, Big Data Analytics

This big data blending solution brief explains the need of governed and validated data blends across all types of data sources to effectively deliver the value companies are looking for from their big data investments.

Extend Your Reach with the Pentaho OEM Partnership

Type: Demo

Product: Embedded Analytics

Pentaho is ideal for seamlessly embedding a full analytics offering into any application. Watch this three-minute video to learn more.

An Intro to Pentaho Big Data Analytics

Type: Demo

Product: Big Data Analytics

Watch this five minute video to see how a data analyst can use Pentaho to solve everyday big data challenges.

Pentaho Business Analytics Solution Brief

Type: Data Sheet

Product: Business Analytics

This document outlines Pentaho’s complete business analytics solution including data integration, big data, business analytics, and embedded analytics.

Veikkaus Raises Its Game Using Pentaho Data Integration

Type: Case Study

Product: Data Integration

Veikkaus, Finland’s national, government-owned betting agency, relies on Pentaho to gain a wider, more detailed, real-time view of its business by blending structured and unstructured big data sources in a single platform.

TDWI Infographic: Improving Data Preparation for Business Analytics

Type: Interactive Content

Product: Data Integration

Business users want the power of analytics—but analytics can only be as good as the data. The biggest challenge nontechnical users are encountering is the same one that has been a steep challenge for data scientists: slow, difficult, and tedious data preparation. The increasing volume, ...

The Retail Data Opportunity

Type: Case Study

Product: Data Integration, Big Data Analytics

Industry: Retail & Manufacturing

The retail industry is being completely transformed by growth of data volumes - driven by changing customer demographics, demands and expectations.

Why Financial Services Companies Choose Pentaho

Type: Case Study

Product: Data Integration, Big Data Analytics

Industry: Finance & Insurance

Leading financial services organisations constantly explore new ways to extract value from their data in support of critical business initiatives, to attract new customers, and enter new markets.

Effective Analytics: The Use of Big Data in the Public Sector

Type: Analyst Research

Product: Big Data Analytics

The growth of Big Data presents both a challenge and an opportunity to the public sector, affecting organisations, departments and citizens alike. There is increasing pressure on organisations to use data analytics for business-critical decisions, and to do so, they must wade through vast ...

A Practical Approach to Hadoop Data Processing for Analytics

Type: Webinar

Product: Data Integration, Big Data Analytics

In a big data world, business users need on-demand access to governed data sets on highly diverse sources, regardless of scale. By focusing on the right principles from both existing data warehousing approaches and emerging data lake use patterns, it is possible to drive automatic processing, ...