Data Warehouse Optimization

Type: Video

Product: Data Integration, Big Data Analytics

In this video, Chuck Yarbrough, Director of Big Data Product Marketing, talks about data warehouse optimization, one of our blueprints that help companies move quicker and faster with their big data endeavors.

Embedded Analytics

Type: Video

Product: Embedded Analytics

In this video, Ben Hopkins, Senior Product Marketing Manager, goes over embedded analytics and why organizations need it. He also goes over the challenges customers face as they launch analytics initiatives and how Pentaho can help address those challenges.

Pentaho Data Integration Scale and Sizing

Type: Video

Product: Data Integration

In this video, Bo Borland, Vice President of Field Technical Sales, goes over seven points on Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) scalability in both a Hadoop and non-Hadoop environment.

Big Data at Cloud Scale

Type: Whitepaper

Product: Big Data Analytics

The growth of cloud computing and the emergence of big data systems have been two of the most disruptive technology trends over the last few years. These developments have changed the way technology organizations operate and deliver value to their stakeholders. Cloud computing has allowed ...

Product Innovation with Big Data

Type: Whitepaper

Product: Embedded Analytics

Read this brief to learn how Big Data provides a brand new toolset for technology product companies to meet user needs and build competitive advantage. This brief discusses the emerging technical architectures that will provide the foundation of the tomorrow’s market-winning products, with ...

Four Major Techniques for Creating a Branded Analytics Experience

Type: Webinar

Product: Embedded Analytics

Watch the first session of the Learn From the Experts (embedded analytics track) webinar series where Pentaho's VP of Enterprise Architecture, Anthony DeShazor, discusses the four major approaches for creating a tailored analytics experience within an integrated solution, such as a SaaS product, ...

Introduction to Pentaho's Unique Architecture and Competitive Advantages

Type: Webinar

Product: Business Analytics, Data Integration

Watch the first session of the Learn From the Experts webinar series where Pentaho's CTO and Co-Founder, James Dixon, discusses the Pentaho platform architecture. Specific topics covered include: design principles, deployment options, integration and API capabilities, data and visualization ...

5 Big Data Predictions for 2015

Type: eBook

Product: Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things

Read the ebook to see how increasingly large and varied data sets can be used to deliver high and sustainable ROI through five emerging big data trends.

TDWI Best Practices Report: Next-Generation Analytics and Platforms

Type: Analyst Research

Product: Business Analytics, Big Data Analytics

This TDWI Best Practices Report focuses on how organizations can use next-generation analytics. It provides in-depth analysis of current strategies and future trends for next-generation analytics across both organizational and technical dimensions, including organizational culture, ...

Designing Data-Intensive Applications: The Big Ideas Behind Reliable, Scalable, and Maintainable Systems

Type: Analyst Research

Product: Data Integration, Big Data Analytics, Embedded Analytics

This eBook from O’Reilly Media will help you navigate the diverse and fast-changing landscape of technologies for processing and storing data (NoSQL, big data, MapReduce, etc). It looks at examples of successful data systems and discusses their key algorithms, basic principles, and the ...