Hadoop for the Enterprise: Making Data Management Massively Scalable, Agile, Feature-Rich, and Cost-Effective

Type: Analyst Research

Product: Business Analytics, Big Data Analytics, Embedded Analytics

More and more enterprise organizations are increasingly turning to Hadoop, both as a data platform that accommodates exploding data volumes, and a computational platform for business analytics that enables data-driven business decisions. But As Hadoop enters into a wider range of use cases, ...

Refining Raw Data for Complete Customer Insight with Amazon Redshift & Pentaho

Type: Webinar

Product: Big Data Analytics

Industry: Retail & Manufacturing

Watch this webinar to learn how Amazon Web Services and Pentaho help The Lucky Group and other organizations deliver on-demand big data analytics in the cloud.

Pentaho helps the Rio Negro Province to recover money and prepare for the future

Type: Case Study

Product: Business Analytics, Data Integration

Industry: Finance & Insurance, Government - Fed & Local

"We have had an increase not only in the amount of money recovered but also in the increase of trials completed and in process of regularization."

Taking an Agile Approach to Analytics

Type: Webinar

Product: Business Analytics

Watch the third session of the Learn From the Experts webinar series where Pentaho's Co-Founder and CTO, James Dixon, discusses how taking an agile and lean approach to analytics projects helps provide end users with access to business intelligence faster than traditional methods and with less ...

Leveraging Business Intelligence Tools to Integrate Scientific Data: Solea & NOAA Office of Response & Restoration

Type: Case Study

Product: Business Analytics, Data Integration, Embedded Analytics

Industry: Government - Fed & Local

"As updated or new information becomes available from each source system, the data are automatically audited and pulled into the common repository.“

Data Management for the Internet of Things

Type: Analyst Research

Product: Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things

As new machines, sensors, and connected devices come online every day, organizations are forced to embark on new IOT initiatives to extract insights from ever-increasing data volumes. This research report from the Aberdeen Group examines the current state of data management and details the ...

Best Practices for Working with Big Data

Type: Webinar

Product: Big Data Analytics

Watch the second session of the Learn From the Experts webinar series where Pentaho's SVP of Enterprise Solutions, Dave Henry, discusses the evolution of applications and its impact on data structures. Webinar focuses on: JSON data and how hierarchical data is different, short demos of Pentaho ...

Buying vs. Building Business Analytics

Type: Whitepaper

Product: Embedded Analytics

While building analytics features may work in the short run, a ‘buy’ approach makes the best business sense for most embedded analytics deployments. This brief compares the 'build' and 'buy' approaches to embedded and OEM BI projects along several dimensions.

Emerging Big Data Architectures and Pentaho’s Role

Type: Video

Product: Big Data Analytics

This video covers emerging architectures Pentaho is seeing with customers and how they are tackling big data solutions. It also covers challenges customers face and how Pentaho allows them to scale and drive governance with its flexible and future-proof platform.

Data Warehouse Optimization

Type: Video

Product: Data Integration, Big Data Analytics

In this video, Chuck Yarbrough, Director of Big Data Product Marketing, talks about data warehouse optimization, one of our blueprints that help companies move quicker and faster with their big data endeavors.