Big Data In Banking: It's Time To Act

Type: Analyst Research

Product: Big Data Analytics

Industry: Finance & Insurance

Read this Forrester report to learn about solution profiles of big data deployments in banking as well as insight into the business value that these solutions provide to banks.

Pentaho helps IDBS improve clinical research outcomes and lower costs

Type: Case Study

Product: Data Integration

Industry: Healthcare, Technology & Telecom, Web

"We need to be able to quickly and easily change workflows as both customer and technical needs arise. Pentaho’s strength lies in being flexible and easy to adapt, which gives us control and insurance against future change."

Pentaho Solution Workshop

Type: Data Sheet

Product: Pentaho Services

This workshop will help you create a shared vision, solution architecture and implementation blueprint for a Business Analytics solution. The end-result is a process that aligns expectations and stakeholder requirements to improve the overall quality of the solution designed and reduce ...

How Paytronix Uses Big Data to Help Clients Achieve a 360-Degree Customer View

Type: Video

Product: Big Data Analytics

Watch this excerpt from the Strata New York session "Data Blending - The Next Step in Big Data" and learn from Paytronix's President, Andrew Robbins, how the company has enabled their clients to achieve a 360-degree customer view using Pentaho's big data capabilities.

Quocirca: Analytics Exploration - Today and Tomorrow

Type: Whitepaper

Product: Big Data Analytics

Existing analytics approaches meet point needs for specific roles within an organization. However, how analysis is carried out, and the roles of people who will be carrying out the analysis, will need to adapt dynamically to meet the organization’s changing needs.

Blueprint for Big Data Success: Monetize My Data

Type: Data Sheet

Product: Big Data Analytics

Read about creating new strategic revenue streams by delivering high-value data sets. 

Blueprint for Big Data Success: Streamlined Data Refinery

Type: Data Sheet

Product: Big Data Analytics

Learn how an agile data integration process can significantly reduce development time for mapReduce by 15x over typical handcoding and scripting processes.

Blueprint for Big Data Success: Optimize the Data Warehouse

Type: Data Sheet

Product: Big Data Analytics

Read how the Pentaho data warehouse optimization solution can reduce costs & improve operational performance.

Blueprint for Big Data Success: Customer 360-Degree View

Type: Data Sheet

Product: Big Data Analytics

Read why blending a variety of operational & transactional data sources to create an on-demand analytical view across customer touch points can help reduce customer churn and identify new revenue opportunities. 

MongoDB: Bridging the Relational & Document Database Divide

Type: Webinar

Product: Big Data Analytics

Learn database development techniques and programming concepts in order to leverage the skills and knowledge of existing IT developers when deploying MongoDB.