2017 Big Data Trends

Type: eBook

Product: Big Data Analytics

Last year the big data market centered squarely on technology around the Hadoop ecosystem. 2016 was all about ‘putting big data to work’ through use cases shown to generate ROI from increased revenue and productivity and lower risk. As we move into 2017, big data continues its march ...

When Customers Need Analytics

Type: Webinar

Product: Business Analytics, Embedded Analytics

Learn how to get embedded analytics on your product roadmap, increase customer productivity, and drive ROI for your product. 

Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools

Type: Analyst Research

Product: Data Integration

Gartner produces a yearly report called ‘Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools” which dives deep into each of the vendors’ relevant product offerings. In this document, you will find Gartner’s detailed evaluation of the vendor’s data integration capabilities across several key ...

IoT Analytics Blueprint

Type: Data Sheet

Product: Big Data Analytics

Pentaho helps organizations efficiently prepare and blend machine and sensor data with other assets — such as data from your ERP or CRM systems — to provide the necessary context to deliver transformative business outcomes.

Analytics in the Age of IoT: Today's Data-Driven Competitive Edge

Type: Whitepaper

Product: Big Data Analytics

Most Best-in-Class companies have now implemented IoT initiatives, with the intention of increasing operational efficiency and bettering customer outcomes. This research report from Aberdeen explores IoT analytics best practices and the larger business impact of a sound IoT strategy.

How to Enrich Your Applications with Embedded Analytics

Type: Webinar

Product: Embedded Analytics

Watch this webinar to hear about an embedded analytics use case from multiple perspectives and learn how to drive ROI and empower your customers with self-service analytics.

IoT Platform Selection Guide

Type: Analyst Research

Product: Big Data Analytics

With the rapid evolution of IoT capabilities and a crowded market, evaluating an IoT platform can be complex. Careful consideration is essential before investing in a platform and can be critical to the success of a project. A complete understanding of the various IoT platforms can help guide ...

IoT Analytics Demo

Type: Video

Product: Big Data Analytics

Pentaho helps organizations easily prepare and blend machine and sensor data with other data sources to deliver transformative business outcomes within a single platform. Watch this IoT analytics demo to see how a fleet manager is able to minimize downtown and reduce operating expenses using ...

451 Analyst Review of Pentaho 7.1

Type: Analyst Research

Product: Business Analytics

This report by 451 Research Analyst and Research Director, Matt Aslett, includes an independent point of view on Pentaho 7.1, market context, competitive landscape, and a SWOT analysis.

Do More in Spark with Pentaho 7.1

Type: Webinar

Product: Business Analytics, Data Integration

Working with big data is hard, but finding talent to work with Spark and other big data technologies is even harder. With the first ever adaptive execution layer, Pentaho 7.1 makes big data developers 2x more productive and makes Spark more accessible to non-developers.