Accelerate Your Data Pipeline with Pentaho 6.1

Type: Webinar

Product: Business Analytics, Data Integration

Pentaho’s newest release, version 6.1, empowers organizations to automate and accelerate their data pipelines.

Data Mashups for Analytics

Type: Whitepaper

Product: Business Analytics, Data Integration, Big Data Analytics

If you’re not integrating all the relevant data sources for your business - including both transactional data in relational databases and unstructured data from social media and more - you might be missing out.

TDWI Data Warehouse Modernization in the Age of Big Data Analytics

Type: Analyst Research

Product: Big Data Analytics

This TDWI Best Practices report covers how to modernize a data warehouse environment, to keep it competitive and aligned with business goals, in the new age of big data analytics.

Pentaho and Hadoop Demo

Type: Demo

Product: Data Integration

Watch this brief demonstration to see how Pentaho makes it easy to transform and blend data at scale on Hadoop, without any coding or scripting necessary.

CITO Research: Buyer's Guide to Big Data Integration

Type: Analyst Research

Product: Data Integration

This analyst research provides a concise overview of big data integration technologies, and reviews key things to consider when creating an integrated big data environment that blends new technologies with existing BI systems to meet your business goals.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms

Type: Analyst Research

Product: Business Analytics, Data Integration, Embedded Analytics

In the 2016 Magic Quadrant, Gartner defines business intelligence and analytics as a software platform that delivers 14 capabilities and use cases across select categories.

2016 Big Data Trends

Type: eBook

Product: Big Data Analytics

2015 was all about 'putting big data to work' through use cases shown to generate ROI from increased revenue and productivity and lower risk. With 2016 already underway, big data continues its march beyond the ‘chasm.’ Learn about the six emerging big data trends and how 2016 is ready to ...

TDWI Best Practices Report: Operationalizing and Embedding Analytics for Action

Type: Analyst Research

Product: Embedded Analytics

As data volumes and frequency of data continues to increase, organization are quickly realizing that it is not enough to analyze their data; they must take action on it. In order to bring analytics closer to decision makers, organizations are operationalizing analytics by embedding them into ...

451 Research Analyst Review of Pentaho 6.0 and Hitachi Acquisition Progress

Type: Analyst Research

Product: Business Analytics, Data Integration

451 Research analyst, Matt Aslett, shares his point of view on Pentaho 6.0 and the progress of the Hitachi acquisition in his report, “Will it blend? Pentaho updates integration suite with focus on the analytic data pipeline."

Solving Big Data Challenges with Pentaho

Type: Video

Product: Big Data Analytics

Watch this video to see how Pentaho is helping companies succeed with their most important big data challenges. Learn about key emerging big data use cases and how Pentaho makes it easy to implement them.