Quickstart Guide to Data Visualization & Dashboard Projects

Type: Whitepaper

Product: Business Analytics

Download this guide to find out the best ways to visualize your data, plan your dashboards, and meet your audience’s needs. Based on the extensive experience of Pentaho’s custom UI & visualization design team, you’ll find out how to define your project, select the appropriate data visualization tools, and evaluate key usability elements.

Content covers:

  • Answers to common questions that are asked at the beginning of every data visualization and dashboard project
  • The data visualizations that work best for certain types of data and why (ex: proportions over time, geography and location, ranked lists, etc.)
  • Main considerations for the design of dashboards: amount of content, where to place specific elements as well as themes and formats
  • Main considerations for user interaction design: filters and selectors as well as hover and drill down interaction

"You will usually want to include no more than 3-4 actual charts or graphs for your audience. Any more than that, and things will quickly get crowded for the user as you start to add headline metrics, titles, text, and labels. By the same token, limiting the actual number of visualizations will also minimize the amount of scrolling the user will have to do. If you must have more visuals, then make the others accessible via a button click or toggle that replaces the content shown to the user."