Pentaho 8.0

Connect to diverse data moving faster than ever before, match processing power with demand in real-time, and get more productivity out of existing teams.

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Pentaho Version 8.0

Improve connectivity to streaming data sources

To stay ahead of the exponential growth of data volume and velocity, Pentaho 8.0 brings speed and agility to every stage of the data pipeline, from real-time message ingestion to data stream processing. Now, users can derive value from data faster without compromising data integrity.

  • Stream Processing with Spark: With its adaptive execution capabilities, Pentaho 8.0 fully enables real-time data ingestion from Kafka using Spark Streaming, without any re-work. Stream processing with Spark adds to Pentaho’s existing Spark orchestration and integration with SQL, MLlib.
  • Connect to Kafka streams: Pentaho 8.0 enables real-time processing, monitoring and aggregation with specialized steps that connect Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) to Kafka, allowing developers to easily address a range of use cases that require real-time insights.  
  • Big Data Security with Knox: Building on existing enterprise-level security for Cloudera and Hortonworks, Pentaho 8.0 now supports the Apache Knox Gateway that simplifies Hadoop security management. 

Optimize Processing Resources

With ever-growing demand for processing, IT managers face the challenge of getting more out of existing computing resources. Pentaho 8.0 provides capabilities to directly address this need with real-time, scalable processing resources. 

  • Worker nodes to scale out enterprise workloads: IT managers can easily bring up additional nodes and spread simultaneous workloads across available computation resources to match capacity with demand. This provides elasticity and portability between cloud and on-premises environments resulting in faster and more efficient processing for end users.
  • Adaptive execution enhancements: Pentaho’s adaptive execution allows users to match workloads with the most appropriate processing engine, without having to re-write any data integration logic. Pentaho 8.0 makes adaptive execution easier to set-up and use with enhanced security. The functionality is now available on Hortonworks.
  • Native support for Avro and Parquet: This release makes it easy to read and write to these popular big data file formats and process with Spark using Pentaho’s visual editing tools.

Boost your team’s productivity across the data pipeline

As technology becomes more robust, your team’s productivity should too. However, ever-shifting technologies makes it difficult for organizations to pivot with agility. Pentaho 8.0 offers a set of features that better your user experience, including a smoother data preparation process, faster access to content on Pentaho, and simplified governance.

  • Better, Faster Data Prep: This release tackles data preparation head-on, allowing IT to apply filters to find duplicate data, missing data, and outliers. IT can easily publish preliminary data sources and schemas for the business to validate faster and ultimately deliver high-quality data to the business more quickly.  
  • Improved Repository User Experience: Pentaho 8.0 brings faster access to the platform content and provides a consistent user experience across PDI.
  • Easier Application Auditing: Pentaho 8.0 makes it easier to audit application usage now that the Opsmart reports work with popular databases, including Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL.

Watch the Webinar

Find out what's new in Pentaho 8.0 by watching this on-demand webinar, originally recorded on November 16, 2017. 

Pentaho 8.0, is about accessing diverse and trusted data that’s moving faster than ever before, matching processing power with demand in real-time, and getting more productivity out of existing teams. Check out the Pentaho product team as they discuss the key requirements to becoming a digital enterprise, and the 8.0 features to help modernize your analytic data pipeline.