Pentaho 5.3

Powering Big Data Analytics in the Cloud

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Self-Service Data Delivery at Scale

Pentaho 5.3 provides a flexible and scalable approach to meet evolving big data analytics needs by harnessing the best of the cloud and big data ecosystems. Opening up the Pentaho data refinery to Amazon Redshift and Cloudera Impala pushes the limits of blended, governed data delivery to extreme scale. Pentaho 5.3 also introduces new capabilities for expanded big data integration and embedded analytics.

Governed Big Data in the Cloud

As big data analytics projects have moved to extreme scale, organizations demand elastic deployment options to accelerate time to value and enable business agility. Delivering the next generation of big data analytics, Pentaho 5.3 has extended the data refinery - which transforms raw data into actionable information - to Redshift and Impala as new delivery options.

Pentaho 5.3 automates data model creation and publishing for these two analytic database technologies, empowering enterprises to provide trusted on-demand data sets to end users in both cloud and on-premise environments. 

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Big Data Integration Excellence

Pentaho 5.3 makes big data integration easier for enterprises including, enhanced performance for scale-out integration jobs and Hadoop cluster naming for simplified connectivity. The release also includes enhanced monitoring, debugging, and troubleshooting via Pentaho Vizor.

Personalized Embedded Analytics Experience

Pentaho 5.3 simplifies and eases the experience for enterprise and ISV teams that embed Pentaho analytics. New API capabilities for Pentaho Analyzer mean straightforward visualization interactivity and fine-grained programmatic control, facilitating a seamless analytics user experience at the point of impact.

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