Pentaho 5.2

The Path to Governed Data Delivery

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Governed Data

Secured and Blended Data On Demand

Pentaho 5.2 sets a new standard in data delivery by simplifying and streamlining the analytics process. Empowering business users with IT trust, this latest release provides the ability to create an automated streamlined data refinery and sets the stage for Pentaho’s long-term vision of governed data delivery. 

Governed Data Delivery

A truly data-driven future starts with governed data. Companies looking to harness the value from all their data to find new revenue streams, operate more efficiently, deliver outstanding service and minimize risk need a solution that creates collaboration between IT and business.

Pentaho’s new capabilities for governed data delivery allow users to blend trusted and timely data to power analytics at scale regardless of the environment or role, both within and outside of an organization.

Streamlined Data Refinery

Pentaho’s Streamlined Data Refinery enables organizations to blend and enrich all data, orchestrate the data pipeline in accordance with governance standards, and deliver analytics-ready data sets to end users in the right format. In 5.2, Pentaho helps to automate common big data use cases with the following additions: 

  • PDI step to auto-generate an analysis model from an analytical database output
  • PDI step to publish the model, creating a Pentaho Business Analytics data source for users to explore

These innovations put governed, blended data from across the enterprise at the end user’s fingertips, on demand.  To get started, watch the Streamlined Data Refinery Demo and install the sample data set request form

Advanced Data Security in Hadoop

Pentaho 5.2 introduces Kerberos security support for major Hadoop distributions, including Cloudera and Hortonworks. This ensures that only those users with proper credentials can access Hadoop cluster resources in their data orchestration. 

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