Announcing Pentaho 6.0

Putting Big Data to Work

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Putting Big Data to Work

Automating the Complete Enterprise Analytic Data Pipeline

Get value out of any data in any environment, no matter how complex the architecture or how wild the data flows. Pentaho 6.0 is the first version of the Pentaho enterprise-class server with new features to automate, manage and enhance every stage of the data pipeline. This version takes customers closer to Pentaho’s bold vision for governed data delivery – the ability to blend trusted and timely data of any type, powering analytics at scale. This release gives you more flexible options for putting Big Data to work.

See Pentaho 6.0 in action in this interactive demo.

Make the Big Blend a Reality

The greatest insights come from blending structured and unstructured data coming from disparate sources, providing a holistic view to make better decisions. But blending all of this data with modern Big Data sources can be challenging. Pentaho 6.0 makes it easy.

  • Built with Big Data blending top of mind, Pentaho lets you blend all data types when you need them and virtualize those blended datasets for faster, more flexible data access.
  • Pentaho 6.0 also introduces inline analytic model editing for sharing user-created measures and metrics in a collaborative manner.

Control the Big Data Flow

Managing data throughout the analytic data pipeline involves many systems and processes. Pentaho 6.0 includes features that strengthen the platform’s ability to manage and monitor systems, simplify lifecycle management and help ensure compliance and governance with data lineage.

  • Get a truly accurate view on your data; understand data origins, what happens to it over time, and where specific data moves with data lineage.
  • With enhanced security, lifecycle management capability, and advanced monitoring, Pentaho 6.0 provides an enterprise-ready tool to help you manage data at scale.

Key Enhancements: More Flexible Options for Putting Big Data to Work

  • Power Blending: Data shaping on the fly with visual data transformations
  • Round-Trip Model Editing: Improved collaboration for sharing data discovery findings with improved inline modeling capabilities
  • Enhanced Push Down Optimization: Support for optimized data blending at scale
  • Improved Data Services Caching: Improved performance of virtualized datasets
  • Data Lineage Capabilities: Understand the provenance and transformations that have shaped your data
  • Enhanced Enterprise Security: Java/Java EE framework that provides authentication, authorization and other security features for enterprise applications
  • Support for OSGI Specification: A modular system and a service platform for Java

Want to learn more about Pentaho 6.0? Read the press release or contact a Pentaho expert.