Data Integration

Pentaho Data Integration enables users to ingest, blend, cleanse and prepare diverse data from any source. With visual tools to eliminate coding and complexity, Pentaho puts all data sources and the best quality data at the fingertips of business and IT users.

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Data Integration

Ease of Use with the Power to Integrate All Data

Intuitive drag-and-drop data integration coupled with data agnostic connectivity spanning from flat files and RDBMS to Hadoop and beyond.

  • Graphical extract-transform-load (ETL) designer to simplify the creation of data pipelines
  • Rich library of pre-built components to access, prepare, and blend data from relational sources, big data stores, enterprise applications, and more
  • Powerful orchestration capabilities to coordinate and combine transformations, including notifications and alerts
  • Agile views for modeling and visualizing data on the fly during the data preparation process
  • Integrated enterprise scheduler for coordinating workflows and debugger for testing and tuning job execution

Big Data Integration with Zero Coding Required

Pentaho's intuitive toolset accelerates the design and deployment of big data analytics by up to 15 times compared to hand-coding techniques. 

  • Complete visual big data integration tools eliminate manual programming and scripting from the process
  • Seamlessly switch between execution engines such as Spark and the Pentaho native engine to fit data volume and transformational complexity
  • Robust support for Hadoop distributions, Spark, NoSQL data stores and analytic databases
  • Empowers users to architect big data blends at the source, and stream them directly for more complete and accurate analytics
  • Integrate advanced analytic models from R, Python, and Weka to operationalize predictive models, while reducing data prep time

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Bringing Analytics into Data Prep

Pentaho is the only vendor to allow users to visually explore data in-line at every step of the data pipeline, with a single platform.

  • Access any analytics, including charts, visualizations, and reporting, from any step in data prep– shortening the cycle from data to analytics
  • ETL developers and data prep staff can easily spot check data quality in-flight
  • Quickly prototype and publish data models for the business user, creating a more collaborative process between business and IT
  • Reduce your data preparation time by filtering the most interesting data and previewing insights without switching applications
  • Data services to virtualize transformations without staging, making data sets immediately available to reports and applications
  • Set up a self-service data prep environment with governed, on-demand data sets
  • Integrate 3rd party visualizations into Analyzer and other Pentaho platform components 

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Enterprise Platform to Accelerate the Data Pipeline

Go beyond standard ETL to scalable and flexible management for end-to-end data flows. 

  • Dynamic and reusable data integration templates that drive massive time savings through dynamically creating transformations on the fly
  • Multi-threaded data integration engine architected to scale up and out, including deployment to clustered and cloud environments
  • Robust administration features including performance monitoring, job roll-back and restart, and an operations mart for usage auditing
  • Enterprise-grade security including access and version controls as well as LDAP and Active Directory integration
  • Enterprise-level security for Cloudera and Hortonworks Hadoop clusters, with support for Knox, Kerberos, Sentry and Ranger
  • Data quality and enrichment plug-ins from partner Melissa Data promote enhanced data management
  • Flexibility to merge data integration with business intelligence service to simplify configuration, deployment and administration

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