Announcing Pentaho 6.1

Accelerating the Analytic Data Pipeline

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Pentaho 6.1 Analytic Data Pipeline

Accelerate the Enterprise Analytic Data Pipeline

Pentaho 6.1 is built to accelerate the analytic data pipeline across data engineering, preparation, and analytics processes to provide superior time to value. With features built to ease the data onboarding process at scale and enhancements that boost agility for all users across the pipeline, Pentaho 6.1 is an enterprise-ready platform that can accommodate traditional and big data sources, growing data volumes, and emerging analytic complexity.

Ease the Pain of Complex Data Onboarding 

Modern data onboarding is more than just data loading or movement. It includes managing a changing array of traditional and big data sources, capturing metadata, making processes repeatable at scale, and ensuring control and governance. These challenges are compounded in big data environments like Hadoop. Pentaho 6.1 introduces features and solution approaches to tackle these modern big data onboarding challenges:

  • Metadata Injection: Pass metadata to Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) at run time to control complex transformation logic. Drive hundreds of data ingestion and preparation processes through just a few transformation templates, and accelerate time to delivery of governed analytics-ready data sets. Learn more about metadata injection.
  • Filling the Data Lake Blueprint: Leveraging metadata injection, this use case pattern enables organizations to onboard a variety of data into a Hadoop environment in an automated and scalable fashion, streamlining the data ingestion process. Learn more about this blueprint.

A More Agile and Flexible Platform

Building on comprehensive management and automation capabilities for enterprise big data pipelines, Pentaho 6.1 adds a number of improvements to help enterprises deliver value from their data more quickly and easily.

  • Data Services Enhancements: Users can produce virtual data sets across a wider array of data blends and automatically model and publish analytic data without the need for a physical table.
  • Deeper In-line Modeling Capabilities: Edit data model elements directly from ad hoc analysis views, then derive and share new business metrics without IT intervention.
  • Additional Improvements: Pentaho 6.1 also introduces repository performance improvements for faster browsing, accelerated ability to work with JSON data, and other updates.

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