Training at Your Location

About the Program

Formal training is critical to the success of using Pentaho Business Analytics and reduces implementation risks and accelerates progress and productivity. Pentaho makes significant investments in expert instructors and in the development of comprehensive courses in order to teach best practices, how-to's and product knowledge.

With Pentaho’s private training program, professional instructors travel to customer offices to train teams using our interactive, hands-on, instructor-led training materials. Each of the courses in the Pentaho Training portfolio is eligible for on-site delivery – including courses taught online. Learn more about Pentaho's training courses and agendas.

Private training is ideal for customers with a large team of business intelligence professionals who require training and would like to avoid the travel-related expenses involved in attending a public training course. To request a private training course, email or your Pentaho Account Manager.

Benefits of Training

Private classroom training from Pentaho provides a high-level of parallel communication and feedback with the instructor. Hands-on exercises use real-world scenarios that mirror job tasks well suited to users who have not developed a thorough understanding of Pentaho. Through a mixture of interactive, instructor-led activities and self-paced, hands-on exercises, the following benefits can be realized from on-site training:

  • Improve productivity by ensuring your team has the skills needed to succeed with Pentaho
  • Increase time-to-market speed, reduce project costs, and reduce project failure rates by learning recognized best practices
  • Reduce employee turnover cost and impact by providing educational opportunities – one of the top mechanisms for retaining key talent
  • Lower training costs for large teams
  • Convenient scheduling and customized content
  • Improve skill development and results through interactive and personalized instruction
  • Prepare for Pentaho certification

Any Pentaho training class can be delivered at your location. Email us at for more information or to discuss your individual training needs.

Customers who wish to conduct a private training course must:

  • Pay instructor travel-related expenses
  • Provide a suitable training room and equipment for the event (with any required software installed and configured as described in the Pentaho Documentation site)
  • Provide a minimum of six and a maximum of 12 students
  • Purchase a minimum of three days of instruction
  • Pay for any customizations (if required)
  • Pay for printed training materials (if applicable)

Q: How many students are allowed to attend a private training course?
A: Up to 12.

Q: Can customers add additional students to a private training course?
A: Yes. Customers may add up to four additional students at additional cost (for a total of 16 attendees) to any private training. Please contact your Pentaho Account Manager for pricing.

Q: Is the cost of training manuals included in the on-site price?
A: Pentaho provides eDocuments for each attendee. The student may print a copy of the training manual on their own or elect to order a professionally printed copy for an additional fee.

Q: Is it possible to customize the content of training courses delivered on-site?
A: Yes. Customization of on-site courses must be negotiated through your Pentaho Account Manager and requires separate pricing.

Q: Does Pentaho provide catering for on-site courses?
A: No. Pentaho Training does not provide catering for on-site courses.

Q: What equipment is required for an on-site training room?
A: The training room provided by the customer must have an overhead projector (with connector), a whiteboard (or flipchart), comfortable seating for at least 12 attendees, and possibly Internet or network access (depending on the customer’s needs). Students may bring their own laptops to an on-site training course or the customer may rent computers.

Q: What are the hardware and software requirements for on-site training PCs?
A: The Pentaho hardware and software requirements can be found in the Pentaho Documentation site.

Q: Can customers apply training credits toward the price of an on-site course?
A: Yes. For information on the number of credits required to purchase an on-site training course, please contact your Pentaho Account Manager.

Q: Will Pentaho conduct a private training course using a customer’s data?
A: No. Customers who require training using their own data should contact Pentaho Professional Services to purchase a consulting engagement.