Otto International Upgrades from Legacy Hyperion Applications to Pentaho Business Intelligence

BrainChild Helps Leading B2B Services Company Enhance BI Capabilities While Reducing Costs

June 10, 2009, Orlando, FL —

OTTO International (OI) is a service company with decades of experience in purchasing and procurement. The worldwide OI network comprises a total of 26 locations, offering B2B clients the full process chain, from purchasing and retail-based services such as transport logistics, financial services and product design through to quality control.

Like many organizations using traditional business intelligence and analytics tools, OI was faced with a costly and complex upgrade to its existing implementation of reporting and analytics based on Oracle’s Hyperion BI product line. OI turned to Pentaho Corporation for a commercial open source alternative that could support and even enhance their BI capabilities at a significantly lower cost. Pentaho Reporting is now used to deliver the same standardized reports for business users. Pentaho Analysis is also provided so that users can interactively explore, analyze, and understand the data.

The application integrates data from multiple sources, including Microsoft Navision and other internal systems. Before Pentaho and BrainChild, OI’s process involved manual extraction and integration of needed reporting information. Now, with Pentaho Data Integration Enterprise Edition, OI has completely automated the integration process, and can easily adjust and refine the data integration rules as their sources or business needs change. The new system has also given OI more flexibility and made them more responsive; requested changes in corporate reports can quickly be applied directly in the system, providing next-day results instead of waiting for a long and complex end-to-end system overhaul. The system runs on a commodity server, using SUSE Enterprise Linux, Pentaho BI Suite Enterprise Edition and the PostgreSQL database.

“Working with BrainChild and Pentaho, we’ve been able to improve our BI capabilities and dramatically reduce our ongoing BI costs,” said Sven Jasper, Director Information Technology, at OTTO International. “With the expertise of BrainChild and the technology, value, and support of Pentaho, we’ve got a modern BI system that can support our business effectively for many years.”

”Pentaho takes customer satisfaction seriously and keep Partners accountable for the end result,” said Lars Nordwall, senior vice president of Business Development at Pentaho Corporation. “BrainChild quickly delivered on OTTO International’s requirements, with significant cost savings made possible by Pentaho BI Suite Enterprise Edition. Our investments in the Asia-Pacific region and the obvious economic advantages of Pentaho’s solutions will continue to drive rapid growth along with happy customers.”

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