Pentaho Highlights Integration with Google Technologies at Google I/O Developer Conference

Commercial Open Source BI Leader Delivers New integration with Google Analytics and Google Spreadsheets
May 27, 2009, San Francisco, CA (Google I/O Developer Conference) —

Pentaho Corporation, the commercial open source alternative for business intelligence (BI), today announced new connectors for Pentaho Data Integration Enterprise Edition, providing integration with Google Spreadsheets as well as a connector for Google Analytics. Senior technical staff from the Pentaho Engineering team will be demonstrating the new features at the invitation-only SandBox at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco, California this week.


  • Pentaho has added two new connectors to its flagship ETL product, Pentaho Data Integration Enterprise Edition to address customer demand for additional integration with Google technologies.
  • The first new connector provides integration with Google Spreadsheets so that organizations can integrate data from Google Spreadsheets into data marts and data warehouses.
  • To address growing demand for enterprise-class web and customer analytics, Pentaho has created a new data source connector to extract web traffic information from Google Analytics, making it easier to analyze information across multiple web properties and to integrate valuable online traffic information with customer information stored in other applications and databases.
  • These new capabilities add to the growing list of Google Technologies supported by Pentaho Corporation. For example, Pentaho was the first business intelligence provider to deliver mashup integration with Google Maps for location intelligence applications, allowing organizations to visualize geographic information about customers, stores, and distribution facilities using Google Maps. And last fall, Pentaho introduced the Pentaho User Console, a self-service, interactive web 2.0 BI portal for navigating, viewing, and sharing reports and analytics, built on the Google Web Toolkit (GWT).
  • Based on the expertise of Pentaho’s senior technical staff, and the company’s innovative integrations with Google technologies, multiple members of the Pentaho Engineering team were invited to the Google I/O conference to demonstrate Pentaho’s capabilities in the SandBox area.


  • "We use Pentaho Data Integration Enterprise Edition to integrate and analyze huge volumes of web traffic information from,, and the rest of our sites,” said Mark Douma, Director of Internet Marketing and Operations. “Google Analytics integration will enable us to automate the integration of our Google Analytics data with our corporate data warehouse.  I appreciate Pentaho’s responsiveness to our needs by taking this from request to reality in just a few weeks.”
  • Customers who would like to take advantage of the new Google integration capabilities should contact Pentaho Customer Support.

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