Pentaho and Cloudera make it easier to harness the power of Hadoop, faster. Cloudera’s Enterprise Data Hub (EDH) in concert with the Pentaho data integration and analytics platform are optimized to allow data driven enterprises to integrate, blend and analyze data at scale, faster.

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Empowering the Data-Driven Enterprise

The Cloudera EDH brings together data from disparate data sources and when used in conjunction with Pentaho, organizations get a comprehensive view of data across all critical touch points.

Pentaho and Cloudera Platform Integration

Pentaho and Cloudera

Accelerate Big Data Deployment

Pentaho’s drag-and-drop data integration manages Hadoop data sources in the same way as traditional, relational and file-based data sources. Instead of writing Java programs, MapReduce jobs or Pig scripts, Pentaho empowers organizations to leverage existing developer skills to design and develop jobs using visual tools.

Code-Free Data Ingestion, Transformation and Orchestration

  • Leverage existing skillsets and technology investments to exploit the full computational power of Cloudera.    
  • Make elastic use of Hadoop resources by expanding and contracting as data volumes and processing requirements change using Pentaho Data Integration, certified on Cloudera and deeply integrated with YARN.
  • Orchestrate and manage big data jobs without coding using visual tools resulting in better productivity and efficiency.
  • Accelerate migration to Cloudera to realize cost savings in moving from proprietary, expensive traditional database systems.

Ask More Sophisticated Questions

Pentaho provides immediate access to data stored in Cloudera and empowers users with a suite of rich analytics delivering insights to improve products, understand customers, optimize marketing, and prevent fraud.

Uncover Patterns and Make Better Decisions

  • Highly interactive visualizations, advanced and predictive analytics as well as self-service and production reporting, and dashboards complete the analytics capabilities.
  • Architected big data blends at the source deliver more complete and accurate analytics.
  • An open, standards based architecture, easy to integrate with or extend existing infrastructure.
  • Extreme scale in-memory data caching for speed-of-thought analysis of large data volume.

Accelerate Growth by Streamlining Analytics

edo connects brands with consumers by harnessing billions of daily data records related to customer conduct, synthesizing trends and delivering personalized offers most likely to trigger a sale. edo Interactive wanted to deliver real-time analysis of customer data to help clients improve targeted advertising.

Data could not be processed fast enough with their existing SQL database and as a result, couldn’t get the right offers to the right people quickly enough. Read how we helped edo build customer loyalty in the following case study:

Business Challenges

  • Deliver real-time analysis of customer data to help clients improve targeted advertising.
  • Reduce time and cost of managing the ETL process of 5 billion consumer transactions, growing by the millions every day.
  • Meet SLA’s by updating existing analytics infrastructure.

Joint Solution

  • Pentaho Business Analytics running on Cloudera Hadoop Distribution, Hive and HBase.
  • Pentaho Data Integration is used to extract, integrate and analyze data from nearly 5TB (and growing) of historical data.
  • Pentaho System Integrator Partner, OpenBI aided with development and implementation.

ROI Achieved

  • Reduction in IT costs and no need for specialized Java programming.
  • Improved analytical capabilities to better serve customers.
  • Reduced ETL process time from 27 hours to 8 hours, and increased ease of use for reporting and analysis.

Read the entire case study.