Pentaho Partner Program - FAQs

1. Partner Program

What is the purpose of the Partner Program?

The Pentaho Partner Program is designed to support companies who want to build a profitable and sustainable Pentaho business, based around implementing and/or selling Pentaho Enterprise Edition. Pentaho Certified Partners and Pentaho are committed to a long term investment to develop the skills and market knowledge needed to build a successful business partnership.

Why should I become a Pentaho Partner?

Partnering with Pentaho will mean you are better able to uncover new opportunities and find new possibilities for growth, and also better service your customers’ requirements for powerful business analytics and position yourself as their trusted partner.


Enter your details on our Become a Partner web page at

What levels of partnership are there?

There are two levels: Certified and Premium. Companies can join the program as Certified Partners, depending on their capabilities and business model. They must also commit to two members of staff successfully achieving Pentaho certification within 6 months. Once successful in the program, Certified Partners can work towards the requirements to become a Premium Partner. You can find more information in the Pentaho Partner Program Guide at

How do I become a Premium Partner?

The requirements for becoming a Premium Partner include meeting a higher revenue target, having a minimum of three members of staff achieve Pentaho certification and completing at least one customer success story.  Partners that meet these requirements will be eligible to be upgraded to Premium Partner status.

Is there a fee to join the program?

To be a Certified Partner or Premium Partner there is a fee of €3000/£3000/US$4000. Charging a fee enables us to provide benefits that offer real business value, and allows Partners to demonstrate they are investing in the Pentaho technology and partnership.

How can customers find out that I'm a Pentaho Partner?

Certified Partners and Premium Partners are listed on the Pentaho website on the Find a Partner page.

How long does my membership last?

Certified Partner and Premium Partner membership lasts 12 months. Partners are eligible to renew their membership providing that they continue to meet the program requirements.

2. Training

How do I get trained in Pentaho products?

Pentaho offers a range of classroom and online training sessions, you can find all the details here:

How do I get certified?

For a member of your staff to become certified they need to pass the Pentaho certification exam.  There is training available to prepare for the exam and you can find full details about the exam and the training here.

Do I have to attend certain courses in order to get certified?

No, to get certified you need to pass the certification exam, attending training is not a specific requirement - though it might improve your chances of making sure you have the knowledge required to pass the exam. You can read the Certification FAQ here.

Can I sell training to my customers?

Only Authorised Training Providers (ATPs) can provide training to customers using official Pentaho curriculum and courseware, no other Partners are entitled to use Pentaho course materials.  If you wish to know more about the possibility of becoming an ATP, contact us at

3. Support

How is technical support provided to my customers?

As a subscription company, excellent support is a top priority for Pentaho. Working with Pentaho, Partners can choose whether to provide technical support for the licenses they sell, or if the best option for customers is for Pentaho to provide support.  If the Partner provides support, they provide Level 1 and Level 2 support directly, with Pentaho providing support to the Partner for the customer's Level 3 issues.

Can my customer get access to Pentaho support?

If the Partner has opted to provide support, the customer will not have access to Pentaho. Instead all support is routed through the Partner.  The customer does have access to online resources like the Pentaho KnowledgeBase.

How can I afford to provide support to all my customers?

Partners receive a share of the revenue from each subscription sale. If the Partner doesn't want to provide support, then Pentaho provides the support and the Partner earns a smaller referral margin from the customer’s subscription.

4. What/how/when can I sell?

Can Partners resell all Pentaho products?

Certified Partners and Premium Partners outside North America are able to resell Pentaho subscriptions to direct customers only. Partners are not entitled to sell OEM licenses.

Do I need to become a Certified Partner to resell Pentaho subscriptions?

Yes - only Certified Partners and Premium Partners are able to resell Pentaho subscriptions.  We encourage all companies wanting to associate/partner with Pentaho to contact us at to discuss the option that could be the right fit for your company.

Can Partners sell Pentaho solutions to customers in any country they choose?

Partners will be authorised to resell in designated countries only, and their Partner Agreement will specify which countries.

Can I promote myself as working in partnership with Pentaho?

Certified Partners and Premium Partners can use the applicable Pentaho Partner logo on their website and marketing materials to show their partnership with Pentaho. If Partners need to provide evidence of their status (for example, for a response to an RFP/tender) we can also provide that on request.

What is Pentaho's global pricing strategy?

We have a single pricelist available in three currencies: USD, EUR and GBP. We share these price lists with our Partners.

Will Pentaho be available to help me in customer engagements?

Pentaho has pre-sales team members who are available to help partners during the sales cycle. Pentaho also has a skilled services team and can support Partners and customers at agreed rates. The services might range from an architectural checkpoint to full implementation.  To find out more go to

5. Subscriptions - General

How does Pentaho software licensing work?

Pentaho licenses its software as an annual subscription - this means there is a lower initial cost for customers to start out with Pentaho software and overall costs for the customer are more predictable as the subscription includes software, maintenance and support.  Partners are able to sell new subscriptions and also the annual renewals that follow, creating a predictable and constant revenue stream for their business.

What is the Pentaho pricing model?

The Pentaho subscription model allows for a flexible pricing to meet customer needs. The subscription fees are based on the specific Pentaho package selected, the product configuration, the environment and the number of processor cores required. Most configurations allow for unlimited users.

Does Pentaho have perpetual licenses?

No, Pentaho uses a subscription model exclusively.

I see Maintenance is included in the Subscription - how does my customer upgrade to the latest software?

Maintenance is included in the Pentaho subscription fee.  The license keys supplied to the customer are valid for the subscription period and if an updated software version is released during that period the customer can download the new version and continue to use their current software keys.

Do my customers need to renew their subscription even if they don't want support?

A valid subscription is required in order to use Pentaho software.  If a customer does not renew their software subscription, their software license key expires and the Pentaho software stops working.

Can I embed Pentaho software in my software?

We have a separate program to support companies that want to embed Pentaho software in their solutions, called the Pentaho OEM program. If you are interested in doing this, please let us know by sending an email to

6. Licenses - Open Source / Community Edition

Is Pentaho software Open Source?

Pentaho has an open source heritage, but the subscriptions that Partners resell are commercial licenses which provide standard commercial rights to the user.

How does Pentaho position its software in the market, given the Open Source heritage?

Pentaho is a provider of enterprise software which delivers true business value to our customers business with a high return on investment. Open Source is our heritage and Pentaho will stay committed to the Open Source community by developing a separate Community Edition.

What is the Pentaho Community Edition?

The Community Edition is an open source version of certain (but not all) Pentaho software. It provides a basic set of business intelligence functionality.

What's the difference between the Community Edition and the commercial software?

The Community Edition provides basic functionality but customers choosing this option need internal resources to manage their own release cycles, test, support and add more advanced capability.  If the customer wants enhanced functionality, certified platform support, quality assured software and guaranteed support for mission critical applications, then they need to purchase a license for Pentaho's commercial subscription offering.

Can Partners also work with the Community Edition?

The Pentaho Partner Program is designed to support companies implementing and/or selling Pentaho Enterprise Edition. If a Partner has an existing customer who is already running Community Edition and who requires support, they can work with them and encourage them to move to Enterprise Edition. Partners are not permitted to work with Community Edition in other circumstances.

7. Pentaho Sales Strategy

What is Pentaho's distribution strategy?

Pentaho is a global company with a rapidly growing customer base. We distribute our software through our Partners so we can make use of their local knowledge and language skills to benefit our mutual customers.

How does Pentaho handle customers showing interest in its solutions?

Pentaho solutions generate a lot of interest from customers around the world and where appropriate Pentaho may share this information with Partners that have a proven track record in Pentaho solutions and have certified staff on board - this depends on the local market.

How does Pentaho measure up against the competition?

  • Pentaho is one of the very few vendors that has a complete end-to-end business intelligence solution which tightly couples data integration and business analytics in a complete, modern and open platform.
  • Pentaho is also fully enabled for big data, providing a complete set of data preparation, data discovery and predictive analytics capabilities that provide deep and native support for all leading big data sources, traditional relational sources and many other data stores critical to business.
  • The Pentaho subscription model provides competitive pricing against legacy vendors.

8. Other

Is Pentaho software available in the Cloud?

At this time, Pentaho does not directly provide cloud solutions to Partners or direct customers. Some of our OEM partners build cloud solutions with Pentaho technology and many Pentaho customers operate their Pentaho applications in either private or public cloud environments.