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Flexible business analytics platform to integrate, customize or embed

Pentaho’s pluggable, open platform creates a flexible analytics solution to support today's needs and tomorrow's inevitable changes.  Our solution suppports companies of all sizes, industries, requirements and deployment environments giving you the insights to improve operational efficiency, ensure compliance and fuel growth.


What are your industry requirements?

Healthcare providers operate in highly specialized business environments. Rising costs, aging populations and changing regulatory demands require flexible analysis that can integrate data from clinical, financial and operational systems to improve quality of care, reduce costs, and shorten revenue cycles. Learn More

Federal and state governments are tackling the most complex challenges in history while facing decreasing budgets and greater demands for accountability. Additional pressure is created by the need to detect fraud and waste, defend against cyber-terrorism, consolidate data centers and modernize agency processes. Learn More

Retail and distribution companies require up-to-the-minute access to accurate information to quickly make decisions in their highly competitive markets, especially during uncertain financial times. Sophisticated yet simple to use analysis is critical to ensure profitability, minimize expenses and lock in loyalty. Learn More

Our flexible, secure, scalable architecture supports data of any type, including big data, and delivers access and analytics to empower your agency to make better decisions, faster. Learn More