Mobile BI

Pentaho Mobile offers a complete business analytics platform, including interactive analysis, rich visualizations, executive dashboards, and enterprise reporting. With Pentaho, you receieve a consistent business intelligence and analytics experience across your desktop, laptop and iPad.

Mobile BI

Instant Mobile Business Intelligence and Visualizations

Pentaho’s interactive visualizations empower business users to instantly explore information, uncover problem areas, spot outliers and find answers – all from the iPad.

  • Immersive mobile business intelligence, fully touch-enabled.
  • Interactive boardroom-style dashboards, reports and visualizations.
  • Exploration of any data with a broad set of interactive charts types, including Bubble Charts, Scatter Plots, Heat Grids, Geo-Maps, and more.

mobile BI

Full Functionality in a Mobile-Optimized Interface

Pentaho for iPad goes beyond basic report viewing, empowering decision-makers to create and customize their analytics.  With a touch-enabled interface, business users have the rich capabilities of the desktop – accessible from the iPad. 

  • Build and edit multi-dimensional analysis, visualizations, and reports from the iPad – without any help from IT.
  • Native navigation and browsing – Pinch to zoom, tap to select, drag and drop, and swipe through open documents.
  • Personalize the user experience - tagging favorites, customizing start-up location.

Easy Embedding into Mobile Applications

Pentaho’s open architecture and web APIs enable ISVs and SaaS providers to build a wide variety of mobile analytics applications tailored to specific use cases and industries.  Customers in the insurance, retail and healthcare verticals have seamlessly integrated Pentaho into their mobile applications.