Internet of Things Analytics

Sensor, machine-to-machine and network data all play a major role in the Internet of Things. However, these diverse big data types present significant challenges related to data volume and variety, as well as predictive modeling. With Pentaho, organizations minimize unscheduled downtime and operating expenses with predictive models by blending machine generated IoT data with other contextual data.  

internet of things analytics

Streamline Your Big Data Supply Chain and Drive Operational Intelligence

Pentaho empowers organizations to integrate, transform, and orchestrate machine and sensor data together with data from traditional information systems such as inventory management and scheduling systems.

  • Ingest and process machine and sensor data from IoT endpoints, messaging services and other data sources using appropriate big data architectures
  • Prepare, model, and explore semi-structured and unstructured data sets
  • Connect natively to leading Hadoop distributions, NoSQL stores, and analytic databases
  • Blend sensor and machine data with data from data warehouses, enterprise applications, maintenance history, GPS devices, weather trends, and more
  • Operationalize machine learning models with feedback loops as a part of the data integration workflow
  • Integrate with other IoT systems and technologies

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See how Caterpillar drives revenue using sensor data:

Deliver IoT Insights to end users and decision makers

Pentaho data integration and analytics platform enables enterprises to provide end users and decision makers with IoT insights using tailored dashboards, compelling visualizations, and ad-hoc analysis – all of which can be embedded in your own applications to match your branding. Learn more about embedded analytics.

Insights to Drive Outcomes

IoT projects are most successful when organizations focus on outcomes and not technology for the sake of technology. The Pentaho IoT analytics platform – together with our extensive subject matter experts – makes this possible, starting with onboarding and blending diverse data sources – all the way through orchestrating and delivering insights from machine learning models.