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What is Governed Data Delivery?

Preserving Information Integrity Throughout the BI Ecosystem

The insights you gather from business analytics are only as reliable as the underlying data. IT systems are increasing in both number and complexity, making it more difficult to ensure data integrity. Governed data delivery provides safeguards within the data lifecycle to keep information accurate, cohesive and relevant.

There's a common push-and-pull between IT administrators and business users when it comes to data. The former are tasked with keeping data flows stable and compliant, which can result in policies that favor auditability over easy access. But instant insights are precisely what business users want. Clients need information when it's most relevant, and this can interfere with the processes put in place by central IT groups.

Governed data delivery strikes a balance between these competing demands.  It is the provisioning of blended, trusted and timely data to power analytics, regardless of environment or user role, both within and between organizations. IT must be able to architect data integration and analytics processes up front in order to establish this trust, while ensuring that the process is intuitive, reusable, and responsive to business user analytic needs in an on-demand fashion.  Enforcing the proper security and access rules for the data in question is also crucial to governed data delivery.

One application of governed data delivery in a Hadoop environment is a streamlined data refinery solution approach. In this approach, IT architects a repeatable data workflow that automatically refines, models, and delivers data marts to end users for analytic exploration – a process that is triggered on-demand by an easy end user request.  This puts the proper guard rails around big data analytics, without forcing the business user to go back to IT each time they have a new question to ask of the data.

Arm Yourself with Accurate Analytics

A robust big data infrastructure can look like an overstretched supply line. A small mistake at the source can lead to serious problems down the road. Failing to preserve your data's integrity can introduce inaccurate results and send decision-makers off on the wrong path. Governed data delivery is your first line of defense against such confusion.

Governed data delivery also allows for the democratization of analysis. Addressing concerns about information security makes it safer to provide business users with more access. It empowers these employees and frees the IT department to work on more challenging tasks.

Every big data operation aims to get the most value from the information that's collected. Governed data delivery helps ensure that the facts and figures given to your employees are accurate and ready for analysis.

Pentaho Business Analytics supports the use of an automated, streamlined data refinery for data governance. Blend and enrich data before storing it for analysis by business users. Don't set yourself up for disappointment – deploy governed data delivery processes at your organization.

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