Integrate and Embed Pentaho

Give Your End-Users the Big Picture With Custom Analytics

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Analytics Embedded at the Point of Impact 

If you are considering integrating and embedding analytics functionality into an existing software product or an online portal for your customers or partners, take a look at Pentaho.

Complete Platform for Embedded Analytics

Unlike proprietary visualization tools or legacy reporting processes, Pentaho’s platform is built to deliver a fully tailored analytics experience to empower your customers, partners, and employees through a combination of:

  • Seamlessly embedded visual analytics in your technology products -- on virtually any blend of data sources, including big data, relational databases, and 3rd party applications
  • Extensible technology that enables flexible visual branding, scalable multi-tenant cloud deployments, and robust security configurations – all to fit your technical architecture
  • A visualization and dashboard design toolset that makes 100% custom analytics user experiences possible

How do you want to embed Pentaho?

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