Cybersecurity Analytics

How can you enable cybersecurity analysts to detect problems quickly and precisely? To stay ahead of the curve, you should blend data from applications, networks and servers as well as mobile, cloud, and IoT data. Pentaho simplifies this integration process through big data orchestration and streamlined data transformations helping detect intrusions faster.

What is Cybersecurity Analytics?

A simplified cybersecurity analysis solution allows end users like forensic analysts, cybersecurity analysts and data scientists to quickly detect threats. With cybersecurity analytics, you can:

  • Automate the orchestration of preparing, blending, reporting, and alerting based on a variety of data in Hadoop
  • Make the most of limited staff resources through automation
  • Integrate predictive analytics for near real-time behavioral analytics
  • Utilize the Pentaho platform for data ingestion, big data processing and delivery of threat alerts without the cost, and complexity of do-it-yourself solutions

Example of how cybersecurity analytics may look within an IT landscape:

  • Ingest different types of data (logs from applications, network and servers) to fill the data lake
  • Reduce thousands of data transformations into just a few transformation jobs using metadata injection
  • Orchestrate metadata injection in a cluster – no need to install it node by node
  • Automate the blending of structured and semi-structured data with existing security information  and event management (SIEM) data using the Streamlined Data Refinery architecture to analyze behavior, identify intrusions, and recognize areas at risk

Cybersecurity Analytics Architecture

What is the ROI of Cybersecurity Analytics?

  • Reduce the time it takes to ingest, parse, enrich, model, and report on data from months to days
  • Empower business analysts who aren’t data scientists to become a big data expert without having to have a PhD – no coding is required
  • Leverage and integrate your existing predictive algorithms – “plug and play”
  • Reduce deployment resources and time by over 50%

Cybersecurity Analytics Flow