Leader in software applications and technology services for financial markets in Italy and Europe

"By building on top of the Pentaho business analytics platform, we have increased our potential to provide even more sophisticated analysis that are better looking and faster than what our competitors can offer."


The Next Generation of Free Online Classifieds

"While it may be easy for a BI analyst to understand what's happening in the numbers, to explain this to business users who are not versed in BI or OLAP, you need visualizations."

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"People are able to accelerate business intelligence because of Pentaho. Without the support help we received from Pentaho Enterprise Edition, it would have taken us many months to achieve similar results with the Community Edition."

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Integration and big data blending to deliver value to thousands of restaurants across the nation

"With Paytronix Data Insights, the Pentaho tools and our proprietary algorithms, customers experience an 80% reduction in ETL processing time, resulting in a self-service and cost-effective experience."

A securities services provider for business process outsourcing

“Pentaho brings to our securities services platform all the needed maturity for an entirely innovative practice in the finance industry consisting in delivering to customers an open access to their data in a self-service mode.”

Leading Australian Food Franchise

“Pentaho has helped us give our franchisees the ability to ask more questions about their own businesses, and has provided them with tools to make real time and better retail business decisions for their stores."

Revenue Collection Agency

“We needed a tool to extrat insights from our data and make timely decisions . With Pentaho everyone can access the information, use standard reports and customize their own outputs.”

The Global Leader in Omnichannel Personalization

“Pentaho is a future-proof solution that empowers us and our customers to go in and get right at the data we need.”

Leader In Risk Management Software

"Integrating Pentaho into Predict! has given us a competitive edge. Its ease of integration means that we've been able to focus developer time on the innovative risk management capabilities Predict! is famous for in the market."

Big Data Analytics in Large Scale Carrier Wi-Fi Deployments

"Pentaho has delivered on helping us build a complete view into the Wi-Fi network for large carriers and enterprises."