Grupo Eulen is a general service provider around nine distinct lines of business in 14 countries worldwide

"Pentaho’s self-service capabilities for reporting, analysis and dashboards helped our non-technical users to extract more value from our data and make better business decisions."

Machine tools manufacturer

"At a technical level, Pentaho’s ability to connect to our ERP solution and IT Systems is a big plus."

Leading Public Sector Solutions Provider

"We chose Pentaho BI Suite Enterprise Edition because it provided the rich functionality that our end users need, with the low cost and flexibility of an open source model, backed by high-quality commercial support."


Leading Provider of Cloud Software for Digital Marketing and Customer Experience Management.

"It was important to our customers that reports looked professional and polished, so they could be self-sufficient and perform analysis quickly. Our goal was to deliver great looking reports that ran fast and we’re there!"


Helping Research and Development Teams Make Discoveries to Transform Lives

"We need to be able to quickly and easily change workflows as both customer and technical needs arise. Pentaho’s strength lies in being flexible and easy to adapt, which gives us control and insurance against future change."

Leader in social learning in France

"Pentaho’s data integration and analytics platform helped us to reinvent traditional training. Pentaho enables us to control an impressive data pool to fully leverage available knowledge and content, accurately respond to user demand and anticipate future needs."

IT Consortium of the Italian Chambers of Commerce

"Thanks to the user-friendly interface of Pentaho, the Chambers of Commerce can be self-sufficient with analysis and reporting."


Software for process optimization logic to improve business productivity

"Embedding Pentaho into GS BIS has given us promised and unexpected benefits. It’s helping our own customers achieve service levels by enabling them to optimize resources and staff in real time. At the same time, new data visualizations enable us to sell more software by giving us the capability to demonstrate its benefits in a much more compelling, tangible way."


Leaders in the recognition industry for more than 100 years

“Having a flexible and agile analytics solution allows us to give new insights to our customers, at a fraction of the cost, and time of other solutions.”
Intelligent Insites

Software provider helping hospitals improve patient satisfaction and operational performance

"With the addition of Pentaho’s real-time analytics and business intelligence capabilities, we can offer hospitals a powerful platform to automatically capture data and identify trends like never before."