Developing and providing supercomputing capabilities to domestic and international researchers

"Only since the introduction of Pentaho we are able to have an updated overview of the centre relating financial and technical data and for example optimize the utilization of our supercomputers."

Investing and growing an analytics solution from open-source roots to deliver blended BI insights

“Pentaho’s Data Integration tool has become the glue that holds our data ecosystems together. We can manage our legacy systems without losing sight of organizational goals or end-user needs such as tracking global KPIs on a granular, brand level."
Delta Dental

Leading dental insurance provider in VA

"Pentaho has precipitated a cultural shift at Delta Dental of Virginia towards a knowledge worker paradigm. Our people now rely on data, not anecdotes, to drive the business."


International Micro Financial Support & Investment Corporation

"Pentaho BI Suite Enterprise Edition provides world-class software and professional support so we can be successful quickly and for years to come."


Venture-Backed Start-Up at the Intersection of Payments & Advertising

"Using Pentaho Analyzer has made me a dangerous data analyst."


Leading provider of IT storage hardware solutions

"We continually find new ways to leverage our own EMC2 tools with Pentaho Data Integration to scale out our data ecosystem."
Exact Target

Global provider of cross-channel interactive marketing solutions

"Pentaho’s Business Intelligence and analytics suite enables ExactTarget to power the real-time analytics needs of marketers to better engage today’s connected consumer."


Largest university for applied sciences in Eastern Switzerland

"Thanks to Pentaho we have automated the time-intensive effort of manually exchanging data and preparing reports from our different systems. Now our staff of study administrators, librarians and external caterers automatically receive updated reports every day."

Disrupting the Telecommunication Market with the Power of Analytics

"We believe that are challenging people to rethink what Telco is really about. Data access can help eliminate the digital opportunity divide; Pentaho was necessary to start our business, and continues to support it and give insights to our customers and success. ”
Telefonica Logo

Social action program that aims to eradicate child labor in Latin America

"Pentaho Business Analytics allows Fundación Telefónica to more efficiently help social workers take more targeted measures to eradicate child labor."