Using data-driven insights to save lives

“Once we were up and running we were able to unleash the powers of Pentaho across our business.”
Cargo 2000 Logo

Quality management for the cargo industry

"At Cargo 2000, we are seeking to drive continuous improvement through the entire air cargo supply chain. Pentaho’s powerful data analytics and self-service reporting will help us provide better services such as the ability to offer benchmark data for members to evaluate their performance against peers and continuously improve quality."


Leading-edge maritime data analysis and remote monitoring technology

“Using Weka with Pentaho Data Integration, we are now helping clients blend a 360-degree view of all equipment data sources to enable early prediction of potential machinery failure."
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Leading Media Services Firm

"We needed to deliver a business intelligence solution that would show immediate benefit by increasing efficiencies, containing costs and helping drive revenue. By using Pentaho BI Suite Enterprise Edition, we were able to do so in a fiscally-responsible manner, and in today's economic climate that is of utmost importance."


European research organization that operates the world’s largest particle physics laboratory

"After reviewing five different proprietary and open source platforms, Pentaho emerged as the best. I believe it is a future-proof solution that will help us to ensure data governance, ‘one version of the truth’ and a great user experience.”

Jan Janke, Deputy Group Leader GS-AIS, CERN


Non-profit university consortium and Italy’s largest high-performance computing center

"By embedding Pentaho Business Analytics, Cineca can provide its customers with less complexity and more benefits. We can now deliver sophisticated views of operational data to support sounder planning decisions. Embedding Pentaho has been such a success we are looking to expand our operations internationally."

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Information and communications technology (ICT) provider

"Pentaho BI turned out to be the ideal platform for our cloud-based Athena BI OEM application, which we have deployed to four social welfare associations in Flanders. Pentaho BI supports all our current needs to provide services like data integration and analytics and will support planned capabilities like data mining. Pentaho really supported our efforts to deliver Athena BI to our customers on spec, on time and on budget."

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Europe’s largest freight and audit provider

"ControlPay customers can view integrated logistics data from many sources on one screen. This is a breakthrough!"

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Leading Italian Commercial Services Provider

"Pentaho's enterprise-class open source technology, provides the optimal combination for our company and fully satisfies our need for business intelligence."

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Credit management solution provider

"Embedding Pentaho into CreditBility is helping us derive more value from our main business assets."