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Information and communications technology (ICT) provider

"Pentaho BI turned out to be the ideal platform for our cloud-based Athena BI OEM application, which we have deployed to four social welfare associations in Flanders. Pentaho BI supports all our current needs to provide services like data integration and analytics and will support planned capabilities like data mining. Pentaho really supported our efforts to deliver Athena BI to our customers on spec, on time and on budget."

CRIF logo

Credit management solution provider

"Embedding Pentaho into CreditBility is helping us derive more value from our main business assets."

Exact Target

Global provider of cross-channel interactive marketing solutions

"Pentaho’s Business Intelligence and analytics suite enables ExactTarget to power the real-time analytics needs of marketers to better engage today’s connected consumer."


Leading Provider of Cloud Software for Digital Marketing and Customer Experience Management.

"It was important to our customers that reports looked professional and polished, so they could be self-sufficient and perform analysis quickly. Our goal was to deliver great looking reports that ran fast and we’re there!"


Software for process optimization logic to improve business productivity

"Embedding Pentaho into GS BIS has given us promised and unexpected benefits. It’s helping our own customers achieve service levels by enabling them to optimize resources and staff in real time. At the same time, new data visualizations enable us to sell more software by giving us the capability to demonstrate its benefits in a much more compelling, tangible way."

Intelligent Insites

Software provider helping hospitals improve patient satisfaction and operational performance

"With the addition of Pentaho’s real-time analytics and business intelligence capabilities, we can offer hospitals a powerful platform to automatically capture data and identify trends like never before."


Software development company focused on industry specific solutions

"Pentaho’s user friendly interface combined with our know-how made it easy to build a specialized analytics tool for lowering costs and maximizing profits in plastic compounding."


Integrated software and technology services that support E&P industry

"In addition to technical benefits of Pentaho, our messaging is now consistent from a services/sales perspective with our common analytical platform."

HR Process Management and IT

"Thanks to Pentaho, we can offer our BI4HR clients automated reporting on their HR data. This gives these clients new insights enabling them to make better operational and strategic business decisions."


Leader in SaaS marketing automation solutions

"Pentaho helped us meet our goal of rapid time to market and delivered a feature rich product to the market in just 8 weeks."